The Greats

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The Greats

One of good family

Labour turns to become the loved

Rarely found in world

Of all the incidents and of all the persons that have come across my life, there was one great lady who had been a member of our big joint family. It seems she had joined as a maid when she was in her teens maybe my dad was little older to her who died at the age of 85 years, seven years back. She also lived for 75 years who died about 18 years back.

Her services of around 60 years are great and commendable, so naturally she had turned to be member of our family. She was loveable and strict too, she managed the family next to my Great Grandma. She was the favourite of all and my dearest. My Great Grandpa who made so many properties left one for her. Likewise there were men too who were of the same stature. My salutations to them.

Gone are the days of such persons. I don’t know if such persons were there only in an Indian set up. Maybe they are available all over the world even today. Here goes the statement ‘Love and you will be Loved’.  

I dedicate this Haiku to my beloved Gaurawwa and others who dedicated their lives for us.

Death-next moment

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Death-next moment

Death is invariably the next moment

No one perceives when it’s arrival time

Inevitable when comes its next moment

Animals can’t contemplate death

Exalted man contemplates death at ease

Conquers inner world attains ever bliss

For him there is no fear of death

My Ungrateful Life

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Millions at work for me for my life

Humans, animals, birds, bees, eggs,fish, insects, trees and plants

Farm produce, animal food, milk, oil, honey, aqua food and fruits

All for my best of living and comforts

One more day sanctioned to breathe prana the life-giving force

I consume with no gratitude

I am ashamed for mine is an ungrateful life


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Sands of Time

Time immemorial, time to time existence in form passed away.

Humans for a while are a memory in hearts of loved

In whom they are memory they also passed in the sands of time

In times’s grip are all, nothing without the clutch

Time sweeps all beings alongwith, try to know, it has gone by

Not a single left behind to see, only dust or in wide sky or in the heavens

While in present everything looks beautiful, wonderful, enchanting, admirable, lovely

Everything becomes earth, dust, soil, air

Acceptance of time of what it shows now, or else, no wait, it flies makes a tale

Thanks to Pixabay for the Images

Time Turns Into Earth

Birds Life Style

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Sound of chirping birds alarm to wake

Enjoy flight moving place to place

Seeking for food from the sky

Dawn to dusk work hard to fill belly

Every bird healthy no emotions no obesity

Sunset time to go home

Sleep well for the night no insomnia or the sort

One day out of scene not even a trace

Birds life style exemplary to humans

Thanks to Google and Pinterest for Images

Thanks to Pinterest Images

Concrete Jungle Night

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Concrete jungle night seen far, dead silent atmosphere

Sparkling, glowing, glittering, gleaming, dim, dark lights

Presence of life spell, moving automotives red bright lights

What not during night, drink & dance parties, murders, debauchery, deals, crimes all evil sorts

Night being such wonderful time, undisturbed sleep, meditation, virtuous acts so on

Unlike humans, animals, birds in peaceful hours get energised for tomorrow

Some for some best dreams may come true and is good during late hours

Shame on humans, make night conducive for improper, illegal activities

Human engaged always takes lot from nature gives back crap


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Somewhere Somehow The River takes birth on Earth

I too born in one part of Earth

As the flow continues more & more water collects

As I grew more & more experience collects

River crosses through mountains, terrains, forests, cities, villages

I cross through emotions, feelings, compassions, setbacks, people as body ages

The River journey feeds across, gives life, it enjoys

My journey goes on, feeding family, workers, paying taxes and interests, I enjoy

It just flows, no flowing back, ends up in vast Ocean

I came through, no looking back, end up in death in vast Endless Infinity

Yaar Suraj

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Yaar Suraj!

Yaar Suraj! Mein bhi dekhraha hoon, jab se mein chota tha

Tum toh roz uday hote ho, doob the ho,

Tumne kabhi viram le hai?

Bus keh dalte hain ke tum aate ho jaate ho

Yun toh tum kabhi Suryodaya, Suryaastha hua hi nahi

Khayal karenge tum agar ek pal bhi agar viram karoge

Kya hoga hamari halaat, pakshi, machali, samandar jeevan ki, ped poudounki

Tum aisa nahi kar sakte, kyon ki tum apna yaar ho

Surya Narayan ho

Tumhe hum sab ki taraf se Shukriyaada Namostute!

Translation in English 👇

This image was taken by Me from my Bedroom

Translation in English

Ohhh My Friend Sun!

Ooh Friend Sun! I am seeing you since I was a child

Everyday you come up and go down

Have you ever taken rest?

We keep telling you just come and just go

Actually there is no Sunrise and Sunset

Let us think for a while if you take rest

What will be of us Humans, Birds, Animals, Fish, Aqua Ocean life and Plants and Trees?

You cannot do so because You are My Friend You See!

You are the Sun God Narayan!

Thanks to You on behalf of All of us Namostute!

Ye Malum Nahi Tha

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Ye Malum Nahi Tha

Budapa kitna bhayanak hai ye malum nahi tha

Apna mansooba ko hila de gi ye malum nahi tha

Apne dost bhi door ho jayenge ye malum nahi tha

Sab jigar ke tukde alag honge ye malum nahi tha

Chere pe ronak aahista ghata jaye gi ye malum nahi tha

kuch istarah tanhai me zindagii guzar jayegi ye malum nahi tha

Translation in English 👇

I Didn’t Know

Old age is so horrifying, I didn’t know

My mind set is shaken by, I didn’t know

My friends would go far away, I didn’t know

All relations close to heart have moved away, I didn’t know

Brightness on the face slowly diminishes, I didn’t know

In aloneness life shall pass by, I didn’t know

Kya Baat Hai Dost

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Wah! Kya Baat Hai Dost Akheer Tere Khabar Aayi

Idhar Sadiyaan Beet Gaye Intezar Me Hi

Tayari Toh Hamari Janaza Ka Horahi Thi

Nikal Pade Hum Jinda Tere Khabar Aate Hi

Translation in English

Alas! Oh My Friend!

Alas! Oh My Friend! At last your message has arrived

Here an era has passed by waiting

Preparation of my funeral procession was going on

I came back from dead as soon as your message came