Whats More….

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What more expect from nature

Wonders of World enough

Human is one such Wonder


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First steps out home, world set to offer experience

Kickoff to learning, schooling in co-education set up

Amazed to see kids all over, whom I too was

First moves of friendship, love compassion

Growing physically, mentally seemed inevitable

During play laughs, fights where compulsion

Primary finished, filtered went higher

High school, place of most mischievousness, learning

Most time spent among classmates also good friends

Entering college, life was a wonderful world

Youngsters from different backgrounds, languages

Laugh, fun was astonishing, existence awesome

After pass out all friends diverge for a livelihood

No trace of most, only most loveable remained some time

Then came various from vocations, careers, businesses

All gave enough love, affection, appeared to be till last

Most left to their abodes leaving fine memories

Balancing the outer, inner worlds is bliss and the Now

Written By
Shiva Malekopmath


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Desirable lady many aspire

Blessed in possession feather in cap

Hold her in arms tight

Dream come true to embrace

Kiss her in public with pride

She is epitome of creativity

Performance criteria to earn

Sincere efforts of creation mandatory

Her admiration goes worldwide

Applause received to have clasped

Recipient’s karma phenomenal

In field one dreams of the beloved

The Loveable Filmfare’s Black Lady Award

Written by:
Shiva Malekopmath
Date: 29/8/2021


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Other day I purchased one hourglass a scarce commodity now

Looks simple antique vintage designed calls on for attraction

Made of brass superannuated letters engraved also says London 1885

Glass blocks sand known for transparency

It has been my latest play; sand falls down inverted starts again

Sand particles minute, every drop depicts gravity, heaps of sand change shape

Fascination for device watcher’s time stands still in enchantment

Flow smooth though, time runs out particles reveal fraction of seconds

With it during play stunned to know life moves so fast

Ordinarily in life‘s tenure its obscure, OMG! Time flies such speed

Amazing! Sand being pulled down concludes one time measure! Humans being pulled by sensual pleasures complete one cycle of life

Many such products or things inspire us to correct life in realization of blissful state

Ancient timing tool likewise has many things to tell and teach – THE HOURGLASS


Hourglass 3


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“An important instance in time becomes history.

At times there are discussions on history which remain only instances”

We mostly participate in instances rather than contributing to create history.

Just one thought would make Karma to create history

Time Image 1



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Once Upon A Time —- Just Born

Pound of flesh full life

Fresh as morning full promises

Wrinkled skin closed eyes

Sound of cry to live life ahead

Once Upon A Time — 6 Months

Bright eyes penetrates heart

Smell of flesh fragrant deep breaths

Carried by all kisses received everywhere

Mother’s warmth fed for life

Once Upon A Time — One Year

Standing on legs balancing life

Innocence spills showered by love

Being lovely dressed wetting clothes

First year birth celebration passes by

Once Upon A Time —3 Years

Holding hands walking straight

Taught by signs learning language

Done wrong or right hugged and kissed

World wonders seen wonders world see

Once Upon A Time — 5 Years

Ready to school thoughts of play

First friends meet no blood relationships start

Teacher’s word ultimate life homeworks begin

Joy at peak world influence untouched

Once Upon A Time — 9 Years

Mischievous traits talent artistic aptitude show up

Right and wrong societal venom infuse

Getting smarter to be among smart world

Enthusiasm brings joy playful learning process

Once Upon A Time — 14 Years

Body metabolism changes felt

Sense of attraction towards other sex

Focus on deeds getting sharper

Ambitions start building up

Once Upon A Time — 18 Years

Emotions sentiments start making marks

Relationships formed remain in mind evermore

Grandiosity of appearance opulence of good health evince

All the more urge to love and to be loved

Once Upon A Time — 21 Years

Fixing goals actions to accomplish

Economic gains foremost priority

New circle of friends gala time

Good and bad habits form seeking pleasure

Once Upon A Time — 30 Years

Choosing life partner offsprings result

Life immersed in toto into worldly affairs

Best of times being spent

Success achieved aspiration to attain more successes

Once Upon A Time — 45 Years

Stress strain erupt from working and home ends

Life responsibilities at its peak

Materialistic accumulations all for happy moments 

Sincere efforts hard work law of nature presents fruits


Once Upon A Time — 60 Years

Looking back life passed like a jiffy

Not all fortunately some tend towards spirituality

Memories bring solace agony of past times

Time in abundance for relaxation


Once Upon A Time — 75 Years

Most friends relatives vanish from scene

Wrinkled skin looks change unimaginable

Disease and disorders uninvited guests

Enhanced zeal to live cheerfully in smiles


Once Upon A Time — 90 Years

Back into cradle again but a little big

Feeble body fragile mind is the plight

Dependence to lead and conduct life

Consciousness still inspiring and illustrious


Once Upon A Time — After Death

Remembrances commemorations celebrate some for few days

Kith and kin crave in hearts times well spent

At places loved ones hang photos on wall seen in albums too

Once upon a time it all happens in human life

Time and Life Image 1.jpg







Storm of Troubles

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Storm of Troubles

Like storm they come creating blackout

Shaking my thoughts inserting awful feelings

Pulling my basement make me shudder to breathe for life

I stand by my robust stem and roots

They shy in shame go out of sight for a while

In habit of creating hell on earth

Hiding and seeking craving to step-in

Only to come to see my daring tough looks

I possess no rooms for unwanted guests

Solution lasts for them is only to escape

Everyone in life faces troubles and problems be it financial, emotional, relationship break ups or health. Some face it much early in life or later. All of us have been dealing with them when they come one after the other, in a way we get trained.
There comes a time when all troubles come at a time like a storm and there lies the test of time. We have to face and handle them with patience and intelligence. We have to see them right in their face show them how strong we are and can be. Seeing back how we have come through in life having to solve and overcome such situations was our capacity and bravery. So we now have to show more of it when it has come like a storm. The more scope you give the more they enter inside. Keeping them at bay is a meticulous task.

Storm Image 1 Storm Image 2.jpg

Where is the Present?!

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Where is the Present?!

Seconds pass by in their own pace

Illusive past, illusive future present a dream

One dream follows another in fraction of seconds

Unimaginable fraction so fast

Nonsensical mind though perceives it, but in fragments

Tends not to leave its old mannerisms

Avoidable actions accomplish, humans enticed to fall trap

In sensual pleasures of phenomenal world

Life passes in past memory and future anxiety

Unaware days, years roll down sometime after it perceives

Inquiry begins as to – Where is the Present?

Pondering upon, ruminating on and practicing meditation reveals

Longtime after being in the physical world now comprehends – Where is the Present!

Where Image 1


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Time waits since conception in mother’s womb

Who knows from how many lives and what karma

Offspring appears into mysterious world again

Life in the womb of time wanders and whirls

Life purpose unknowing, engrossed in mundane humdrum

Incompetence plays role; puzzled steps; life gets baffled

Time alerts, rings warning bells time and again

Wakes-up from slumber of materialistic worldly epidemic

Time is witnesseth, knows all in and out

Time waits none, universal belief

Time waits life to free from it’s own womb

Time waits life release into timeless realms

Time waits to offer eternal bliss

Time waits till our liberation, realization, mukti, nirvana, enlightenment etc;


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Life manifested forms time immemorial

Nature’s appearance seems quietude

Glimpses establish Ken

Close looks substantiate life in gear

Colossal energy ubiquitous

Animals, Plants, Creatures and Aquatic life living since then

Cheerful, Ecstatic, Joyous in their own sphere

Demonstrating life and death insignificant

Humans adopted change compulsive

Intelligence being foremost free to administer

Holocaust of other lives to their mission of civilized society

Sabotaged perception of their own consciousness

Have human minds turned inarticulate?

Isn’t it not late to comprehend?

Recognising significance of other life styles

End of ignorance lights up boundless visionary path

Existence so expansive to perceive ones of the ONE

In the silence of forests and oceans

I am happy to publish this Post on the Eve of “MAHASHIVARATRI” which is being celebrated in Spiritual Ecstasy all over the World and especially in India this 4th March 2019.
Wishing you All a great day. Let SHIVA shower upon All humans –Knowledge, Blessings and show the Path for the well being of All living things on this Planet.