You are the Lad!

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This Post is Published on 27 April 2017

You are the Lad!

You are the Lad!

Of Your Mother

Of Your Motherland!

Your Father, Sister, Brother, Friend everyone wait

To see you again

Back in form, since

You are the Lad!

Of Your Mother!

Of Your Motherland!

Why and When You left

 Carrying gun on shoulders

Have killed fellowmen

You are the Lad!

Of Your Mother!

Of Your Motherland!

You think have place in heaven

You think to fight for a cause

You think are the greatest

You are the Lad!

Of Your Mother!

Of Your Motherland!

Brain Washed, Controlled, Tied up

Life is not what you lead

Dropped in Falsehood & Fanaticism, Understand

You are the Lad!

Of Your Mother!

Of Your Motherland!

Dragged into Terror & Terrorism, Burdened

No heaven up there

Come live free with us here

You are the Lad!

Of Your Mother!

Of Your Motherland!

Comprehend Past, Listen Now

Worst is Future

Oh My Terrorist Brother

You are the Lad!

Of Your Mother!

Of Your Motherland!

Love is what you expect

Far behind is respect

Here you are a suspect

You are the Lad!

Of Your Mother!

Of Your Motherland!

Admission, Apology, Confession Remains

Ask for Forgiveness, Excuse, Concession

Here is your sojourn, come

You are the Lad!

Of Your Mother!

Of Your Motherland!

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Control of Life

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Control of Life

“Do not let lose the control of your Life

Slowly it shall be controlled by Something else and/or Someone else”

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Control Of Life Image 2

Over a period of time, in life at a certain point of time, we may start losing the control of our lives. In the process it may so happen that slowly somebody or something will crop up and conquer us and start controlling our life. So, Check. Beware. Take Decision Now. Before it is too late.
 Following maybe
Health (Bodily or/and Mentally), Unwanted Love, Strained relationship
Chronic Disease, Money, Job, Legal Case …
Self, Friend, Son, Daughter, Sister, Brother, Husband, Wife,  Father, Mother, Relation, Colleague, Boss, Sub-Ordinate, or even a Stranger…
We are living on this earth in the frame of time, so all problems have solutions, all questions have answers, everything is short lived.
So, Shun it, Forget it, Do not care, Accept, Adopt and lastly Laugh at it…
Close eyes and sit for a while just think you are not what is happening. You are the Bliss___Understand.
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90% or more, the Wife controls Husband and much lesser percent, in single digit, maybe, Husband controls Wife . Hehehe…

Here both enjoy each-others’ control… Hahaha…

Where shall I be taken? The Quest Remains

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Where shall I be taken? The Quest Remains

My Quest to know

Never evaporates

Mingled in the body

Tingled by the KarmaHuman Seeing the Universe 2.jpg

Condoned ill health   

Pardoned the sinful

Forgave the graceless

Overlooked the rude

Crossing the river of Life

Where shall I be taken?

 The Quest Remains


Black Holes, Galaxies, Innumerable Universes

Thus in the vast abode

I shall dwell in peace

I do not care where

The Murderers, Dishonest, Wicked, Deceit have been taken

But am worried where

The People with Love, Truth, and Honesty sent

Countless have gone from here

Even Saints, Sufis, Sants, Rishis and Martyrs

Where shall I be taken?

The Quest Remains


 Eyes wide open nights

Black Hole Image 1In full consciousness  

Like an insomniac

Buried in the thoughts

Of after leaving this body

Make me listen a lullaby

   Make me know

So I shall sleep well

Have sweet dreams of the thought

Where shall I be taken?

The Quest Remains

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I & Life Fight; Peacefully

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This Post was Published on April 3 2017

I & Life Fight; Peacefully

I fight

With Life

It fights with Me

We have fought enough

There were better tournaments

To Participate, Play and Win

I have won few

It has won few

Sometimes there was a draw

Its not like we do not fight anymore

Maybe both are fed up with each other

Both ask each other – why fight?

And we both agreed

Life goes on

So, Life and I go peacefully


I am feeling it is neither a Poem nor a Prose. We can name it as “Prosetry”.
I have seen and read so many blogs and many bloggers do write this way. Whatever that comes to mind we write and can write. So go writing “PROSETRY”……
I think its the best way of expressing oneself and its the best way to make know and convey your message to the readers. Sometimes writers are in a fix to write prose or poetry and maybe they remain in a dilemma and shall tend not to write anything, instead adopt this new style “Prosetry”.
I went into the details to capture some thoughts and landed in the below mentioned link. Please go read.
I think we BLOGGERS can popularize this way of expression and writing – “PROSETRY”
I have included this word into my Computer dictionary, if you like it you may do so.
The ‘se’ in PROSETRY has to be pronounced as in Possession. I hope you understand. So let us make it popular.
I have edited the post and have added this above line, after having a discussion in the comments. You may please inform your opinion about that in your comments. Thanks

Fighting Images 1

I am happy to inform you all friends that the word ‘Prosetry’ has been received very well by most of them who have read this post.
One of my friends  Ranjeeta Nath Ghai who is inspired has already written three Prosetry after reading this post, I give the following links to go see what she has written. 
Living In A State Of Denial: Prosetry
Carvings On the Soul: Prosetry
Chasing The Rainbows: A Prosetry
So! Happy Reading Prosetry 


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This Post was Published on 16th May 2015



HABIT! It is an act which is repeatedly done and which becomes strong over a period of time. The older; the stronger; result to more number of repeats. Generally we classify Habits of two types; the ‘Good Habit’ and the ‘Bad Habit’. There is a thin hair line of separation in between Hobby and Habit. Sometimes it is difficult to recognise the line itself. If the word Hobby is famous, the word Habit seems to be notorious.
Hobby or Habit derives the sense of satisfaction, pleasure and happiness. It’s why one indulges. The desire ultimately when gives that pleasure and satisfaction; the desire itself becomes more desirable. This is what we have to understand.
So it’s the desire, all that matters and the ultimatum is the pleasure of doing the act. It gives mental and physical satisfaction, be it smoking, drinking, walking, eating, swimming, reading, writing, having sex, bird watching, sky watching, or anything that which is done repeatedly at certain intervals that which become compulsions. When they become compulsions they turn to be habits.
The whole process of habit forming is of course depends on the mentality and attitude of the person. Once a small desire is satisfied it gives invitation to another repetition. The desire gets sprouted and tells the mind, the mind is in dilemma & helpless, the intelligence overpowers and decides, the body and senses co-operate, Karma happens, happiness is derived. This completes one circle.
The following is the formula of forming a habit.
We normally say – ‘I was longing for the desire for such a long time’, -‘there is a burning desire in me’, – ‘and I was yearning and craving to have it’.
The desire has to be desired so much that it becomes a longing. Putting it to Karma now and then, then and now forms HABIT.
If you have already formed a Habit which you want to get rid off, there is no other way or anything to be reversed. Just kill the desire before it sprouts, killing and killing you have ultimately killed the Habit formed.
It is for us to decide as to which Habit we would like to form; make the finest of discriminations and indulge in – ‘THE HABIT OF FORMING A HABIT’.
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Yes! I am Life

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Posted on 25th January 2016

Yes! I am Life

 Breeze Image 2

I am as Fresh and Immaculate always
You can’t even Imagine
My Pristine Beauty and Importance
I am Freely Available All over
Involuntary You take Me In and Out
You Enjoy My Effect
On your Face, Skin and Body
Your Mind gets Doubly Happy
You gave me the title Cool Breeze
You throw your Dust, Impurities into Me
Make me Impure and Unhealthy
You blame it on Me
Address Me as Pollution
You fill your Tyres
Compress Me to your Benefits
Run Your Machines
I keep the World on the Move
You call Air
Sell with no Gratitude
 You Spend to Breathe Me
Go far off places
Resorts, Hill Stations, Beeches and the like
There you Feel
 I am there for You
You shower Blessings upon Me
In the language of Yoga
They Proclaim it as Prana
The Life giver
You don’t Care
To take Care of Me
Other Creatures and Living Things depend on Me
I am Off from Here
You and Everything is Finished
Existence put to Question
Beware! To see Me, I am there
Yes! I am life

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the Gods

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This Post was published on 13th March 2017

the Gods

the Gods Image 4

Have the Gods brought

You on earth?

Were the Gods present while

You took birth?

Are the Gods still there and

You are around them?

Had the Gods planned

You what are?

I am in Love

with you

In return

You have been compassionate

in love with Me

Please wait, I am bit busy

Trying to find

the Gods

I am scared

the Gods

may take you away from Me

I am trying to send

the Gods

Make them intoxicated

4x5 originalinto their own divinity to

leave us both alone

in a place where

no time no ageing

For I want You

not to part with Me

We would escape from

the Gods

Enduring stopped

in everlasting immortality like

 the Gods

Me and You  

Be together in eternity as

the Gods


Eros and Psyche

Discover the myth of Eros and Psyche 

Kamadev-Rati Image 2

Eventually the current week in India is About the ‘HOLI’ – the festival of   Colours, which is connected to the Gods of Love KAMA and RATI

The whole story is very fascinating and the fervour and celebration of this festival reaches to its peak in the five days from the Full Moon called ‘Holi Hunnime’ or ‘Holi Ki Purnima’  


Kamadeva Mantra