Storm of Troubles

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Storm of Troubles

Like storm they come creating blackout

Shaking my thoughts inserting awful feelings

Pulling my basement make me shudder to breathe for life

I stand by my robust stem and roots

They shy in shame go out of sight for a while

In habit of creating hell on earth

Hiding and seeking craving to step-in

Only to come to see my daring tough looks

I possess no rooms for unwanted guests

Solution lasts for them is only to escape

Everyone in life faces troubles and problems be it financial, emotional, relationship break ups or health. Some face it much early in life or later. All of us have been dealing with them when they come one after the other, in a way we get trained.
There comes a time when all troubles come at a time like a storm and there lies the test of time. We have to face and handle them with patience and intelligence. We have to see them right in their face show them how strong we are and can be. Seeing back how we have come through in life having to solve and overcome such situations was our capacity and bravery. So we now have to show more of it when it has come like a storm. The more scope you give the more they enter inside. Keeping them at bay is a meticulous task.


Where is the Present?!

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Where is the Present?!

Seconds pass by in their own pace

Illusive past, illusive future present a dream

One dream follows another in fraction of seconds

Unimaginable fraction so fast

Nonsensical mind though perceives it, but in fragments

Tends not to leave its old mannerisms

Avoidable actions accomplish, humans enticed to fall trap

In sensual pleasures of phenomenal world

Life passes in past memory and future anxiety

Unaware days, years roll down sometime after it perceives

Inquiry begins as to – Where is the Present?

Pondering upon, ruminating on and practicing meditation reveals

Longtime after being in the physical world now comprehends – Where is the Present!


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Time waits since conception in mother’s womb

Who knows from how many lives and what karma

Offspring appears into mysterious world again

Life in the womb of time wanders and whirls

Life purpose unknowing, engrossed in mundane humdrum

Incompetence plays role; puzzled steps; life gets baffled

Time alerts, rings warning bells time and again

Wakes-up from slumber of materialistic worldly epidemic

Time is witnesseth, knows all in and out

Time waits none, universal belief

Time waits life to free from it’s own womb

Time waits life release into timeless realms

Time waits to offer eternal bliss

Time waits till our liberation, realization, mukti, nirvana, enlightenment etc;


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Life manifested forms time immemorial

Nature’s appearance seems quietude

Glimpses establish Ken

Close looks substantiate life in gear

Colossal energy ubiquitous

Animals, Plants, Creatures and Aquatic life living since then

Cheerful, Ecstatic, Joyous in their own sphere

Demonstrating life and death insignificant

Humans adopted change compulsive

Intelligence being foremost free to administer

Holocaust of other lives to their mission of civilized society

Sabotaged perception of their own consciousness

Have human minds turned inarticulate?

Isn’t it not late to comprehend?

Recognising significance of other life styles

End of ignorance lights up boundless visionary path

Existence so expansive to perceive ones of the ONE

In the silence of forests and oceans

I am happy to publish this Post on the Eve of “MAHASHIVARATRI” which is being celebrated in Spiritual Ecstasy all over the World and especially in India this 4th March 2019.
Wishing you All a great day. Let SHIVA shower upon All humans –Knowledge, Blessings and show the Path for the well being of All living things on this Planet. 



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Love brightens by time

Understanding each lasts long

Happiness is Fruit

Haiku By

Shiva Malekopmath

‘Love at First Sight’ does that happen! Yes rarely it seems to happen.

Now, the question is does it continue to be LOVE since then. Most times we find the answer to be in the negative or the two continue to be just a pair or they break.

Why? Is now another big question. Love is such a state of mindfulness to be built meticulously by the passing of time. At the first sight it happens only looking to the outside features. But humans are much a complex figures from inside. Therefore understanding each other is an ardous task which only comes from passing of time.

Compassion, Empathy, Sympathy, Warm-heartedness and so on shall attain Compatibility, thus Happiness shall be Fruit.

Beware at First Sight


Stress Kills Murder Stress

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Stress Kills

Murder Stress

Quote By Shiva Malekopmath Image 1

Stress takes the power to kill internally & slowly.
Mind has created it. Applying the same mind we can Murder Stress.
Murder sounds daunting, but the purpose of it is intentionally to stress the very purpose of Not taking Stress in one’s strides.
Man by nature is Peaceful & Blissful, even other creatures too are. The internal being is lost in the outer world. While keeping on accepting other’s actions, stress slowly creeps in. No sign of its entrance is traceable. It is a slow killer, doesn’t make know, How, When and Where it acts. It gets traced when other parameters show normal.
Therefore, Murder is a sure shot one act. Act Soon!!!
Share your experiences.     wp-1532425820518..jpg

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Light-Up Peace

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Light-Up Peace

“Peace is directly connected to activities of Senses and thoughts of Mind


It demands disconnection from them to Light-Up”


It may not be possible to disconnect all the time. As and when possible we can Light-Up the lamp of Peace. The aura shall remain for quite some time.

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