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“An important instance in time becomes history.

At times there are discussions on history which remain only instances”

We mostly participate in instances rather than contributing to create history.

Just one thought would make Karma to create history

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Where is the Present?!

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Where is the Present?!

Seconds pass by in their own pace

Illusive past, illusive future present a dream

One dream follows another in fraction of seconds

Unimaginable fraction so fast

Nonsensical mind though perceives it, but in fragments

Tends not to leave its old mannerisms

Avoidable actions accomplish, humans enticed to fall trap

In sensual pleasures of phenomenal world

Life passes in past memory and future anxiety

Unaware days, years roll down sometime after it perceives

Inquiry begins as to – Where is the Present?

Pondering upon, ruminating on and practicing meditation reveals

Longtime after being in the physical world now comprehends – Where is the Present!

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Time waits since conception in mother’s womb

Who knows from how many lives and what karma

Offspring appears into mysterious world again

Life in the womb of time wanders and whirls

Life purpose unknowing, engrossed in mundane humdrum

Incompetence plays role; puzzled steps; life gets baffled

Time alerts, rings warning bells time and again

Wakes-up from slumber of materialistic worldly epidemic

Time is witnesseth, knows all in and out

Time waits none, universal belief

Time waits life to free from it’s own womb

Time waits life release into timeless realms

Time waits to offer eternal bliss

Time waits till our liberation, realization, mukti, nirvana, enlightenment etc;


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Life manifested forms time immemorial

Nature’s appearance seems quietude

Glimpses establish Ken

Close looks substantiate life in gear

Colossal energy ubiquitous

Animals, Plants, Creatures and Aquatic life living since then

Cheerful, Ecstatic, Joyous in their own sphere

Demonstrating life and death insignificant

Humans adopted change compulsive

Intelligence being foremost free to administer

Holocaust of other lives to their mission of civilized society

Sabotaged perception of their own consciousness

Have human minds turned inarticulate?

Isn’t it not late to comprehend?

Recognising significance of other life styles

End of ignorance lights up boundless visionary path

Existence so expansive to perceive ones of the ONE

In the silence of forests and oceans

I am happy to publish this Post on the Eve of “MAHASHIVARATRI” which is being celebrated in Spiritual Ecstasy all over the World and especially in India this 4th March 2019.
Wishing you All a great day. Let SHIVA shower upon All humans –Knowledge, Blessings and show the Path for the well being of All living things on this Planet. 




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Love brightens by time

Understanding each lasts long

Happiness is Fruit

Haiku By

Shiva Malekopmath

‘Love at First Sight’ does that happen! Yes rarely it seems to happen.

Now, the question is does it continue to be LOVE since then. Most times we find the answer to be in the negative or the two continue to be just a pair or they break.

Why? Is now another big question. Love is such a state of mindfulness to be built meticulously by the passing of time. At the first sight it happens only looking to the outside features. But humans are much a complex figures from inside. Therefore understanding each other is an ardous task which only comes from passing of time.

Compassion, Empathy, Sympathy, Warm-heartedness and so on shall attain Compatibility, thus Happiness shall be Fruit.

Beware at First Sight


Jumping Jumping on the Mattress

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Jumping Jumping on the Mattress


Jumping Jumping on the mattress

Hitting Hitting getting hit by the pillow

Going Going around the house

Playing Playing hide & seek

Enjoying Enjoying holidays with siblings

Having Having no past no future

Laughing Laughing stomach full Now

Hahaha! Hahaha!! Hahaha!!!

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Children always live in the Now. They exhibit inner joy and bliss.  As time passes by they get attached to all sorts of relationships and worldly matters. Thereby creating a trivial past and dreaming of a bombastic future. So, as man grows he slowly forgets living in the Now.

I personally feel animals and birds live in the Now and therefore have formed a unique life way of living. It seems they enjoy life more than we humans.

Hello! Lately I have bought a new mattress, thinking that it would give some comfort to my back. It seems to say to me, to live in the Now.

Remembering childhood days of jumping, hitting and playing on mattress made me write this post. Hope you All enjoy as much as we did…..


Children fighting with pillow

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A Big Lie

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Biglie 1

A Big Lie

“A ‘Big Lie’ uttered, demands in response an expertise to utter several more.

Some try to expertise and keep enjoying the act, ultimately fall prey to the lie”

Biglie 2.png

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Accelerated Heart Beats

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Heart systole and diastole image 1

Accelerated Heart Beats

Accelerated heart beats remember the first embrace

Produced such joy and bliss, love and affection

Memory still fresh as newly grown grass and dew drops

Aura of the essence, body odor, perception, compatibility

Forever let it be so, intensity of the thought, feeling and apprehension  


Accelerated heart beats remember of death so near

Produced fastness in breath and blood circulation, thought process and ardor

Memory of past, ebb & flow, peaks & valleys of life, systole and diastole of heart

Aura of divinity within, sanctity of life, righteousness  

Forever to dissolve in eternity, a benediction

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“Intelligence is inbuilt in every being, Man, Animals, Marine life, Plants, Trees and Insects, it glorifies their being, Man is the only one who is aware of this and is conscious of it, ego is created bringing agony”.


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My Dear All,
This is something to be pondered and intelligently thought over. Since ancient times the other beings except Man have all been living peacefully with their own intelligence, but, for Man is the only one who has the privilege to be aware of his intelligence, this has also glorified his state and status. Most importantly it has also worked out to be his agony as he got created his Ego. Hahaha!

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You are the Lad!

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This Post is Published on 27 April 2017

You are the Lad!

You are the Lad!

Of Your Mother

Of Your Motherland!

Your Father, Sister, Brother, Friend everyone wait

To see you again

Back in form, since

You are the Lad!

Of Your Mother!

Of Your Motherland!

Why and When You left

 Carrying gun on shoulders

Have killed fellowmen

You are the Lad!

Of Your Mother!

Of Your Motherland!

You think have place in heaven

You think to fight for a cause

You think are the greatest

You are the Lad!

Of Your Mother!

Of Your Motherland!

Brain Washed, Controlled, Tied up

Life is not what you lead

Dropped in Falsehood & Fanaticism, Understand

You are the Lad!

Of Your Mother!

Of Your Motherland!

Dragged into Terror & Terrorism, Burdened

No heaven up there

Come live free with us here

You are the Lad!

Of Your Mother!

Of Your Motherland!

Comprehend Past, Listen Now

Worst is Future

Oh My Terrorist Brother

You are the Lad!

Of Your Mother!

Of Your Motherland!

Love is what you expect

Far behind is respect

Here you are a suspect

You are the Lad!

Of Your Mother!

Of Your Motherland!

Admission, Apology, Confession Remains

Ask for Forgiveness, Excuse, Concession

Here is your sojourn, come

You are the Lad!

Of Your Mother!

Of Your Motherland!

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