My Interview with Jacqueline

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This post was published on 20th Feb 2017 

My Interview with Jacqueline


Me Your friend 


Fascinating Jacqueline 






Jacqueline is one of the most fascinating women I have met. Months back she requested me to have my interview, it so happened I could not give my time to her and requested her to postpone it for a while. She was kind enough to give the time.

My mother was seriously ill and I had to take care of her and back in India during November last year the demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupees currency notes affected business and normal life here. Due to other reasons the interview was getting delayed. But Jacqueline was keen on me to send the answers to her questions. I am really grateful to her for this.

I have learnt from this Blog World through persons like Jacqueline. She being busy, in the other day to day activities of her own, conducts various activities on her blog. A person with such great gratitude is to be adored and thanked. All for the good of others she writes Posts, Poetry, and Links to Blogs. Throws lavish Blog parties frequently, by which so many friends meet and build new relationships. She also gives an opportunity to expose talents and introduces people to a larger audience by conducting interviews.

Now that, its an opportunity to know more about me and my thoughts and my philosophy of life, please go read my interview on her blog as I would want all my friends to go to her and read it. I would not want to re-blog it also for the same reason. I give here below the link.

Please express your thoughts about my blog and about me in the comment box below or on her blog’s comment box. Thanks so much to you all for being with me in my journey.



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This Post was Published on 14th March 2015 


Mind Your Business! A popular phrase everybody use. Why? Why only that word ‘Business’ has to be used, maybe some other word could be used; why only that? Is it because everybody knows the meaning perfectly? Is it because one wants to tell that I have some business to do and do not disturb me? Is it because one wants to tell; you do whatsoever you want but do not poke into mine? Is it because the word has become an aversion, because of the interaction with business people in this world, which is a compulsion?
You cannot live in this world without doing Business! If you are not at the receiving end; you are at the giving end. With or without your knowledge you are contributing to the business of this world and are keeping the world moving. This world has to be kept moving you see!
The Hindu order of society called the “Varna Ashrama Dharma – Varna stands for the vocation in which man is living to live a livelihood and Ashram stands for the state in which way the human being is being lived. Both of them are divided into four – In Varna  the Brahmana, (the one who imparts knowledge) Kshatriya,(the one who protects the society) Vaishya ( the one in the pursuit of business) and Sudra  (the working class) . In Ashrama – the Bramacharya ( one who is from childhood to young age having not married), Gruhasta (one who is married and leads a family life) ,Vanaprastha ( one who leads a social life and serves the society) and Sanyasa (one leads a life away from the mundane world, a God seeker) . This order as to how a society has to be lived is prevalent since the dawn of civilization and till today in any part of the world it is the practice. It is not to be confused here that the order is for the Hindu society, it is an order ordered for the whole world. Apart from the two words another word is added – the Dharma which stands for the honesty, loyalty and truth in leading and for the living of the other two. It is important to observe anywhere in this world if this order is not there the whole society is in chaos. The vocation in which one practices has to be in the limits. That society which practices it to the fullest is in peace and cheerfully harmonious. That’s the beauty of the “Varna Ashrama Dharma”.
Coming again to the word Business, which is one aspect of the Varna – the Vaishya – one who is in the pursuit of business, the one who benefits from selling his merchandise and services for a profit. The buyer also knows that he has given a profit for having received the product and services.
In the modern business world we find the selling of merchandise to the customer weather he/she likes or wants it or not. The Ads seen in Newspapers, TV, Radio, Sign Boards and the like; are a proof of the attempt. The customer and consumer may or may not realize of the attempt. The whole idea is to sell and make profits; thereby emptying the pockets of the buyer. The most common advertisement phrases used – ‘Get More Pay Less’, ‘Sale upto 70% Off’, ‘ Buy One get Two Free’ and so on; the idea of the business is justified. On the contrary the opposite happens, either he pays more or the whole buy was unnecessary.
Now, in the society we are living in, we find the business like attitude even in noble professions like medicine and education. It is common to see people talking very casually; that those people in these professions have taken to business. Doctors unnecessarily prescribe medicines and advise various high cost tests, for they get a ‘cut’ (commission) for recommending the tests and medicinal prescriptions. In educational institutes (the Brahmana aspect) collecting huge amounts as donations for admissions from KG classes to PG has been a popular phenomena. Even running of religious Maths; a place of sanctity and where Dharma is to be preached has turned to  be a place of business. The Government Machinery as a whole –the Kshatriya aspect has come down to the level of doing business with people. Bribes, Corruption, Kickbacks and Higher Taxes, have been the order of running a government. The Governments have been a major threatening partner in all businesses having to collect exorbitant taxes; they are the major shareholders in profits only and not in the loss of the business. Whatsoever amounts it collects from various sources but still it is not satisfied, it has a constant watch like the eagle’s eye as to from which source it can pocket money.  If these states of affairs continue, it is an invitation to the no law and order situation. Once the patience of the people gets exploded then there will be disorder, unharmony and violence, which may even lead to civil wars.
The Chaos, The Disturbances, The Terrorism, The Strikes, The Civil Wars, The Bandhs Etc; are all reflections of the disorder in the society. We find it in many countries of the present world.
If this is the order of society; then the next generation will continue to do the same. One has to build on the foundations laid by the elder generations. Every vocation has its own means and limits. The whole society is interdependent and is not to be intermingled. Everyone cannot choose to be In the Pursuit of Business. Those who have chosen have to adhere to the Dharma.  

                                varna-ahsrama-dharma-images-8            varna-ahsrama-dharma-images-6   



All People mentioned in the Tags come under the Varna, meaning Colour, but not the colour of Skin. It means the vocation that they are in, as mentioned in the Post. 

 I give a Few Links to know more about the Varna Ashrama Dharma. In no way it is to be understood that I am preaching about Hindu Philosophy. In a broader sense it is to be accepted as a universal thought. If lived by all countries, peace shall prevail and shall form a happy society.

BBC Hindu Concepts

Vedic Civilization  


System of Varna Ashrama

The Etymology and The Dialect of Sir!

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The Etymology and The Dialect of Sir!

The British! In every country where they have ruled, the British have left their traits in such a way that it reflects on the Culture, Language, Laws and day to day living of the people of those countries where they have ruled and left. They are now known as colonial countries. For that matter India is also called as colonial; a colony of the British, French and Portuguese. But the British had a larger share of their rule and that’s why their roots are still strong and deep.
I just take on one Word ‘SIR’- the etymology and how its being pronounced now in India – the dialect.
The study of the origin of words & the way in which their meanings have changed throughout the world
A particular form of a language which is peculiar to a specific region or social group.
regional language, local language, local tongue, local speech, local parlance, variety of language;
To know more about this and the words, you may refer these links.
The word Sir, now being used all over the world to write business, official & personal letters too; in which we start with the letters Sir in addressing the person to whom we are writing the letter. Its being used to address a person of high esteem or just call him as a person senior in age, cadre, intellectual, education; or even to a stranger.
In India the same word is used for the same purposes to address a person with due respect. You can imagine it and pronounce it as per the spelling given below and literally it is being pronounced like that. It means the same and it carries the same weight and the person being addressed also shall not mistake; there lies the fun.
Now, let us have some fun here, I give below the spellings of the word; see the dialect.

You can add to the list if you know other ways of calling for Sir, let the alphabets be different but it should address the word Sir!

It could have been better if I could show you how people pronounce it through a video. But I am sure all my readers are clever and can imagine it.

Don’t you feel its Funny and Enjoyable?

Pronunciation and Dialect

MY 100

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MY 100

Centenarian birthday candles. (Photo by

100! Its been an overwhelming joy for me to express that I have earned 100 follows on my Blog. I started this blog hardly six months back with absolutely no knowledge of the blogging world. I am proud to inform that my knowledge of working on a computer has been multi-folded now. I can say I can now develop a website.

Being on the computer day in and out; the online connection, the network and everything behind it is worth to be given applause. Especially in the Blog World; WordPress is contributing its might and all people at its helm & people who are contributing to its going and making it a big success are worth millions of Pats. I personally and on behalf of all Bloggers congratulate them.

The design, working and construction of the Blog are so well planned and thought over. I see they strive to improve upon them on a daily basis. All, who provide the Themes, are to be thanked. My salutations to you ALL; my Dearest Friends!

Getting 100 Follows; the first one being Isabella Morgan ( the 100th Erika Kind ( is a roller coaster ride for me. I basically not like to express the word Follower and I avoid as far as possible to use it. As the word Follower gives a different meaning too; and I am no God-Man to have followers around me. Instead I try and use the words Follow , Following etc; cause its an act of relationship which is very much mutual. The respect one commands from both the sides. I feel it should be like that.

I can only say, who all are on my Follow to-day are those who are the best and who really have blogging stuff. Even I, when I follow I am bit selective and choose the best, who are contributing happiness and knowledge across the world. We are all doing a yeomen service and creating history.

Like in this real world; I have experienced Good & Bad feelings even in the blogging World; I think it has all to be set aside and only thought should be, to be happy and make others happy. That could only be done by sprinkling LOVE into this World.

My sincere thanks to all of You who are on my Follow & to those who shall be one in future.

One more thing I would like to inform is; I have made a Self-Proclaimed rule of Following those who Follow Me, I do not give time to give My Follow, I may visit their Blog and also put a Comment there. Only thing I should have been online. Sometimes it may so happen that for some time or very rarely it may take days for me to visit and follow as I might have been busy elsewhere.

I have seen in this blogging world that some bloggers do not respond at all, you visit them, you may have put a like or a comment or even you may have Followed them, they just keep mum or care a hell. It irritates, and my blood gets boiling, what they can do, its my mistake and my blood having gone there. I keep saying to myself –Oh! Poor Me!!!

Here goes our Journey in TOGETHERNESS.

I dedicate this Post to All the 100 follows, who are like Stars on my shoulder belt.

100 image 1Stars Images 3Stars images 2

Stars Images 1


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In the wake of Multi Culture, Religions, Castes, Creed, Race,Rituals, Languages; no Borders of States,

I and most People want My Country INDIA to be United & One.

In such a scenario my Country shall be Proud of its Flag held High.


15-august-2013-wallpaper 2

Orange White and Green Inverted Right

Orangwe White and Green Inverted left I DEDICATE THIS POST TO ALL FREEDOM FIGHTERS 

Ashoka Chakra Image 1


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NEIGHBOUR! Things have changed so much these days; it is difficult to know who our neighbours are. To whom should we call our neighbours? To most people on this earth in these times, life has been on the run. From the work place to back home is a tiring job and one gets retired by the day’s end to shoot back into the favourite bed. Where is the time for people around? We live in Apartments, Flats, Bungalows, Chawls, Farm Houses, Hutments, Etc; the more sophisticated ones in urban areas live in Rove-Houses, Villas and Bungalows. We do not know most of the times or we do not attempt to know who our neighbour is.Villas_in_Bangalore_Silvanakalkan-luxury-villa-for-sale-252502889047 In India and most countries, it is common to find people living in villages and townships where houses are attached one to the other with only a distinction of a wall. ChawlJhopadapatti 1 Those human beings living beside our dwelling place, whom we consider as just human beings only; I think if they were of a different species we would attempt to drive them away. download (3) In the dwellings that we live, most times we are bound to meet and interact with those people and we tend to derive problems, troubles, fights, ill behaviour, abuse of language and filthy talks rather than having friendly relationship, good ties, inviting each other on special occasions, sharing happiness and sorrows, helping each other at times of crisis and so on and so forth….. At times it may come to police intervention or filing of law suits against each other which would prolong for years and years. Ultimately to decide upon and say –“what horrible and toxic neighbour I have or am living amongst”. Almost two thousand years back, Jesus preached and he thus spake – “Love Thy Neighbour”, what he actually meant and to whom he was referring to as neighbour is now to be pondered. Did people live in the same manner as of now and behaved in the same fashion that made him speak so. Volumes might have been written on this. I am not writing anything new, I think I am only giving it a new twist. Living in the dwellings in these modern times like as I have said above. We instead made arrangements to live, separately from our neighbours. This made us live away from those people who live beside us, whom the world calls ‘neighbours’. We call it our civilised society and a developed world. Resulting in, to make a generalised statement as to –‘who is our neighbour and what love is’. That’s why Jesus’ message is as fresh, as important, as contemplating and as thought-provoking. As for now who all are doing the “Blogging 101 June 2015”, to them, Word-Press team has extended the preaching of Jesus. It is as to our approach towards our neighbours, they mean and I mean our fellow Bloggers of this world. We have lessons like this  ………..which I would not want to disclose as it is a private class only for those bloggers who are registered, but my classmates do know about them. So we ought to know and are to learn and act as to what Jesus said-“Love Thy Neighbour”. That means to say we have to be always in good connection with each other, have cordial relationship through your likes, comments and follow, spreading your horizon, meeting different people from all over the world from all walks of life, young and old. Spread LOVE throughout the ‘Blogging World’, who is your neighbour now. LONG LIVE WORDPRESS!!! Blogging 101 Emblem


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2015-06-21 14.03.46







YOGA IS THE SALUTATION TO THE FATHER OF THE UNIVERSE.                                                                                                    “ISHWARA”





                                                                                                                                                                                             “ISH” MEANS “THE UNIVERSE” AND “WARA” MEANS “THE OWNER”  “THE FATHER”

“SHIVA TANDAVA”                                      YOGA DANCE BY SHIVA, KILLING THE EVIL



the SMILE !

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the SMILE!

  SMILE! The other day I was sitting in my office with my childhood friend Mr Suresh Sarwade who is a famous photo and videographer in our area. His son Itihas was also there and we were discussing about his future career. Meanwhile during the meeting I showed them my Blog, I was talking to them regarding the Posts, the Follow, the Stats and almost everything regarding this ‘Blog World’. I think, in a way I was telling them and was rather patting on my own back. At the tail end of our discussion and meeting, his son asked me a question- “Uncle have you ever invited those friends of yours in this blogging world to visit our place? That question was something sarcastic for me and I just smiled. I did not know then as to why I Smiled. In response to my smile, poor thing he also smiled. There was no exchange of words between us regarding that.     It was night and we parted. The next day I was thinking about the question what my friend’s son asked. I was questioning myself as to why I smiled. After a long and healthy confrontation with my own self, some thoughts poured into me as follows:

  1. a) Almost on a daily basis I tend to be in the Blogging World and keep meeting so many people, with no discussions; many times from either of the sides.
  1. b) We, at both the ends may meet at the same time or not, but we do have interconnections through the Net.
  1. c) Through their Photos on respective blogs or Images on the Gravatar,

We have them in our minds as to whom we are speaking through.

  1. d) As far as my observation goes I see bloggers with indifferent names or they have given different names than what their actual name is. Some of them cover their faces, some of them make the photo blur, some of them give their favourite picture, some of them a clear cut image of what and how they actually look like, some of them show a tree, some of them a wall, a cartoon picture or something that has come into their minds, some of them ……..

Seeing to all this I was talking to myself. That was really interesting and the outcome of the talk was: On a daily basis I tend to meet so many people on their blogs. They would speak through their blogs; they share thoughts, life experiences, anecdotes, feelings, their achievements, their travels and the like, through their own prose and poetry or photos they have clicked. They would even want to know what would the person on the other side feel like, they would even expect a like or a comment, which would make them happy for having shared it. None of us would want to meet in person unless except in exceptional cases; where bloggers would want to meet on exceptional purposes. We all know that there is a human being on the other side and is responding in some way, by a like or a comment. Some may even not do it, they keep silent. But they want somebody to see and share their feelings and thoughts; it might be a one way traffic which may be, they want it that way. Some may meet once, put a like or comment and will go so far as to not meet once again. I was thinking of all this, this, which has been a way of living in these times (in this century for that matter). We may not meet at all but a sort of satisfaction or happiness we derive is commendable. A society that has been formed and is set to be lived in this way, I feel it is the interactions between souls. After the analysis and pondering of those thoughts, once again I had – the SMILE!  




Deb Cowdrey

Annette Rochelle Aben

Lucy Danvers


Alok Singhal

Anggie Retno

Ipuna Black

Beth Byrnes

Sherri Mathews

Lucile de Godoy

download - Copy (2) - Copy - Copy


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Everybody in this world are capable and can give something to somebody, the degrees may vary. But the fact of ‘Can’; directly connected to the feeling of ones mind & taste.

I want to make this post of a very few lines, for I do not want to express more of it, which would unnecessarily boast of myself.

I have come the way like that and would continue in the same fashion.

The title of the above post itself is enough to know, I need not say much on that.

I just started this Blog two months back and did’nt know anything of blogging, I only came to know through fellow bloggers.

I ‘DEDICATE’ (which is an act of ‘Give’) this Post to the following bloggers who are on my list of Following:

Isabella Morgan who was the first one to be my follower and who has given me this boost, I give below her URL:

The second one who encouraged me to blog. Michelle Terry


The one who commented on my blog. Alka Girdhar


The fourth One.


The Fifth One Umber.


The sixth one. Uday.


The seventh who is an elderly person whom I respect and grateful for.

Dr. E Miller


All these people deserve to be mentioned and have their fascinating blogs, which you can visit.

I shall ‘DEDICATE’ the others in my follow in my upcoming posts.

I would continue to ‘DEDICATE’ henceforth some of my posts to the bloggers I shall come across, so this is something that which I can give and why should I not.

Another thing is, as you see my blog’s page full of images of my ‘COMMUNITY’, grid, and the names of POSTS that I have come across, the ‘BLOGS’ I admire (Follow). The names of bloggers who have commented. This also I have put as an act – ‘can give’, and ‘why should I not’.

It is not only me, that this is being done, there are other fellow bloggers who mention in their blogs like this. I like it.

Flowers in Hand 2


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                                                                                                                          Date: 25/3/2015

  Hats off image 1 

                                                                          YOU PEOPLE!!  HATS OFF!!!

People! It’s a gathering everybody knows of two or more persons meeting at a place and at a fixed time. So people gather to form groups, clubs, committees, society, organisation, association, sanghs, chambers, institutions, trusts etc; etc. They are formed with their own constitutions for service to the society in general, it may involve money or not, monetary benefits or not. It is solely in the interest of one another or in the interest of the community or the citizens. To start with, money may not be the first criteria but slowly it might take its toll and turn the whole purpose to deviate, but still the objectives may remain the same. Whatsoever, when seen, people from such groups or associations, their involvement and participation is very interesting and noteworthy. It is a great cause and commitment to so many or rather it should be to all, whosoever is in the system of this group.

Hats off image 2

Sometimes, as time passes by, the purpose of building the organisation fades. It is most of the time a talk of the indifferences faced among the persons. It might be a terrible shock of the disagreements. It may even affect the health of the persons involved. It may even turn out to be a nightmare to some. It may also be the cause for Blood Pressures and Heart problems or the likes.

In the past more than three decades of involvement in social circles, clubs, communities, sanghs and the like; I am inspired to write these few lines to throw light upon the type of people of various characters and the sorts of behavioural patterns they exhibit.

If this proves to be beneficial to those who read; I will myself pat on my back.

They are there and their behaviour is as such to be keenly observed and to be pondered.

I give here below the type of people who are there in the organisations, social clubs and societies. I categorize them below as such.

The Stalwarts

These are the people who are in the organisation since its inception and are like the founder fathers. They are the ones who have built the organisation, who have devoted their time and money for that. They are normally elders and are experienced.

The Leaders

These are the people who are present office bearers and the persons who lead the organisation in the present times. They are the people who are also well experienced, their contribution to the organisation is alarming; this they would have done in the recent past.

The Other Members

These are the bunch of people who are mixed; they are old and young, experienced and inexperienced, new and old to the organisation. They have a very indifferent attitude towards the organisation. They are the people who cause the set back and are also the major source in the success of the group. They have the capacity to create disharmony, disorder and disillusionment.

meetings images2

All of these people above have their own experience, mentality and attachment towards the organisation. They all come from various backgrounds, lifestyles, education etc;

Now, running the organisation with all these people of different characters is Havoc. This everybody is bound to know, but unfortunately many do not even attempt to know about it. They care a hell. So that’s why it becomes hell.

Hell is not some were up in the sky, it’s in the organisation down below on earth; let me quote very few familiar happenings or say, hints to create hell:

Inactive Participation

Non Cooperation

Always wanting to get some post without working for it

Greedy of Praise

Greedy of sitting on the dais

Greedy of speaking on the mike

Greedy for Publicity

Attracting others for no reason

No Attendance

Pulling Legs

Not allowing others to achieve the goal

Attending once in a while and acting big

Incapability to Digest ones Success

Incapability to Appreciate and Comment


Not understanding ones stand in the organisation

Ear Biting

Always Complaining



Disregard towards the hierarchy

Lack of Understanding

Lack Co Ordination

Lack of Motivation

Ill Communication

Acting very big as if the only one holding the mantle


No care for the leadership

Group ism





Meddle unnecessarily

No Trust in what others are doing


people image 1

All these can happen in all places where people gather, perhaps all over the world. It’s nothing new on this earth, because human beings are all made of the same stuff.

These states of affairs are very commonly found in Educational Institutions, Religious Trusts, Social Clubs and also in Political circles.

You can add innumerable such instances and occurrences. Finding the cause, tackling them properly and sorting them out; is intelligence. Life has to be lived intelligently and this message has to be spread among all the people involved.

Examine now in which of the category and behavioural pattern you belong. Match and reckon with the pattern and think for yourself there isn’t any necessity of consulting another. Bring the Ego in front of you and have a chat with it, very soon there comes an answer. The answer is for you and for you only.

Be in the association or if it’s getting to be overriding you, shun it and get away. Do not ever think that it or they require you, you are there because of your pleasure and attachment, have the satisfaction that you have contributed your might to it, so it is enough and enough is enough, that’s all. It is better to be far away than to get involved. It is better to have peace of mind than to get disturbed. There are many other things that one can do and there are so many places where the world wants YOU. Explore the possibilities. Find the Path. You will be sure to get it.

path image 1

Shiva Malekopmath