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MY 100

Centenarian birthday candles. (Photo by

100! Its been an overwhelming joy for me to express that I have earned 100 follows on my Blog. I started this blog hardly six months back with absolutely no knowledge of the blogging world. I am proud to inform that my knowledge of working on a computer has been multi-folded now. I can say I can now develop a website.

Being on the computer day in and out; the online connection, the network and everything behind it is worth to be given applause. Especially in the Blog World; WordPress is contributing its might and all people at its helm & people who are contributing to its going and making it a big success are worth millions of Pats. I personally and on behalf of all Bloggers congratulate them.

The design, working and construction of the Blog are so well planned and thought over. I see they strive to improve upon them on a daily basis. All, who provide the Themes, are to be thanked. My salutations to you ALL; my Dearest Friends!

Getting 100 Follows; the first one being Isabella Morgan ( the 100th Erika Kind ( is a roller coaster ride for me. I basically not like to express the word Follower and I avoid as far as possible to use it. As the word Follower gives a different meaning too; and I am no God-Man to have followers around me. Instead I try and use the words Follow , Following etc; cause its an act of relationship which is very much mutual. The respect one commands from both the sides. I feel it should be like that.

I can only say, who all are on my Follow to-day are those who are the best and who really have blogging stuff. Even I, when I follow I am bit selective and choose the best, who are contributing happiness and knowledge across the world. We are all doing a yeomen service and creating history.

Like in this real world; I have experienced Good & Bad feelings even in the blogging World; I think it has all to be set aside and only thought should be, to be happy and make others happy. That could only be done by sprinkling LOVE into this World.

My sincere thanks to all of You who are on my Follow & to those who shall be one in future.

One more thing I would like to inform is; I have made a Self-Proclaimed rule of Following those who Follow Me, I do not give time to give My Follow, I may visit their Blog and also put a Comment there. Only thing I should have been online. Sometimes it may so happen that for some time or very rarely it may take days for me to visit and follow as I might have been busy elsewhere.

I have seen in this blogging world that some bloggers do not respond at all, you visit them, you may have put a like or a comment or even you may have Followed them, they just keep mum or care a hell. It irritates, and my blood gets boiling, what they can do, its my mistake and my blood having gone there. I keep saying to myself –Oh! Poor Me!!!

Here goes our Journey in TOGETHERNESS.

I dedicate this Post to All the 100 follows, who are like Stars on my shoulder belt.

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Stars Images 1


I know you are the Soul. But….

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I know you are the Soul. But…..!

She conceived again
You gave her kisses
 I was still not born
You were so happy
 As I came into this world
You took me here and there
I grew so fast
You were proud of me
Introduced me to this world
You were treasure of Joy and Love
You distributed it like a fool
They took it like mad
It never became empty
You did give so much
To all who came your way
You left your body
For me to search you
Where shall I
How shall I
When shall I
Find to meet you again
I know you are the soul
But you left me behind in this world
…….Oh! My Dad!!!


I would not want to share the demise of my father in my Blog. But for the Life that he has lead. But for the Poem I would want to share. But for the man that he was. But for the stock of Love and Joy he had for others. But for he always looked everyone as equal. But for he never expected anything in return. But….
On the third day after the death, almost all family members had come and we all sat in the Central Hall after lunch. Everybody wanted to talk a few words of my Dad, and so it began at around 4pm and continued up to 11 pm. It was touching to know of the memories they had shared with my Dad. He always wanted eligible brides and bridegrooms in the family to get married. He would find suitable match for them and would arrange the sorts. He had three great grand sons and had wished to arrange their marriage also. Even being the third day, we all laughed so much; and that’s what my Dad always wanted us to be happy and altogether.  
I was born and brought up in a Joint Family of nearly 50 people around. As time has passed by, the family has made divisions and now some are nuclear families. Putting all together it may cross 150 people now. Who live all over India and some abroad.  
My father was 84 Years old and lived in the main house. My mother is 80 years old now and they both had 64 years of full married life. Everybody would visit the place with a right and would enjoy whatever is there in the kitchen. My cousins and all close to the family would meet at intervals and have meetings in the central hall; some would cut jokes, mimicry, etc; we did used to have real fun. When I was a child until recently (about two decades back) the kitchen was one and now they have become around more than ten.
In India decades back it was very common to see Joint Families, wherein we would find Grand Parents, Parents, Uncles, Aunts, Sisters, Brothers, Cousins and Children from all ages to new born ones. What a wonderful set up that was. You would get opportunities to know and share love, emotions and feelings. What a tremendous secured feeling that would always give; especially to the women and children in the family.
This is for Me, You and Everyone who love their Dad. 
  • The Death came suddenly as a blow due to the Heart and breathlessness on 25th Sept 2015
  • Funeral took place on 26th among a big gathering of known people
  • Third Day rituals performed on 27th Sept 2015
  • 11th of Oct 2015 we are having a Public “SMARANOTSAVA” in which so many people shall talk on their remembrances, thereafter it shall be followed by a Music concert and Lunch.                                                            


In the Kannada, Sanskrit or any Indian Language you can form one single word using more than two or even four words at a time which would tell the meaning of all the four words. Likewise the word “Smaranotsava” above is a combination of two words- ‘Samrana’ – means remembrance and ‘Utsava’ – means festival, both in combination means a festival of remembrance.


Me, Welcoming the Guests and Introducing the Guest Speakers on the occasion.
Cabinet Minister of Karnataka State Mr. H.K.Patil addressing the gathering. He said Mr V.R.Malekopmath’s contribution to the Business Community and Society is to be taken as an example and his ideas shall always set us goals in the development of the Nation.
Renowned Business-Man and Past President Karnatak Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mr Madan Desai sharing his reminiscences of the days he spent with Shri V.R. Malekopmath, he said his blessings are always there for us and that in his thirty five years of relationship with him he never talked bad of anybody.
Son-in -Law of my Father ( Brother-in-Law to Me) Prof. N.P. Raveendranath spoke that his father-in-law had opened accounts in the hearts of people and had fixed deposits of love which he never withdrew from those accounts.
Relatives and Friends among the Audience
Audience Immersed in the on going Function
Young Friend Dr. Shekar Sajjanar in full tears, with whom he spent daily two to three hours in the past two decades or so. He said what he is now, is all because of him. Dr. Shekar is also the Commissioner for RTI.
Mr D.V.Badiger, senior literary figure, reading Poems written on my Dad. One Poem written by himself, one written by my uncle and my Poem on this post which he also translated it into Kannada language and read it.
Mr Shivaprasad S M , Scientist, from Jawaharlal Nehru Science and Research Centre, Bangalore spoke good words about his theme- “My Father’s Dear Friend Mr V.R. Malekopmath”.
Prof Niranjan Cholayya from Udupi talking about his Uncle. How he used to spend days with him during his childhood.
Of the seven Brothers of my Father the Youngest who compered the Occasion Mr. B.R.Malekopmath.


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Wealth! How much does one want? I keep pondering over this thought. I ponder, and its not a compulsion that everybody should ponder it. Say! If everybody would ponder what would it be like. Here goes what I would like to say.

Atal Behari Vajpayee Image
Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee in Parliament

Our Great Prime Minister of India & One of the Greatest Human beings Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee once told in the Parliament_         “Ek Aadmi Ko Jineke Liye Kitna Chahiye”– it means, ‘for one to live this life, how much does one require’. He was telling it in the parliament of the largest democratic country in the world and that too when he was in the ruling Party. In terms of money; how much shall one require to lead a life in this modern world? I don’t say that one should not have lots of money or property. I am not a socialist or a communist. My thinking does not match to them at all. I do not blame the capitalists either, in a way; they are the one who run this world. Because it is the investor who makes people work and give employment. Unless employing the money to work, the economy will not grow.

Earnings from other sources – by illegal means, corrupt practices, dishonest methods, kick backs, swindling government funds, cheating & fraudulent means. Such an earning style may give the person a few hundred rupees to millions of dollars and that too within no time.Rupees Image

In today’s world there are so many thousands of options for one to earn; he can earn a good some in comparatively less time, provided he puts his sincere efforts and commitment to what he is doing. He can earn so much, that he can live a comfortable life.

But, why in many people, there has come a trend to possess wealth by other methods as mentioned above. The percentage of such people is increasing by the day. It seems Honesty has no place among the people at the helm, if such is the situation, the young would continue to do worst things as they grow older and become responsible citizens.  

There is a term in English –“Filthy Rich” & “Stinking Rich”- a large per cent of people want to be so, and they have made them the ideal. When such are the ideals; man would find those means.

Today in our newspaper an ordinary clerk in a government department has been raided. They have found more than 70 crores of rupees worth gold and cash. There have been continuous raids like this, where we find officials making property in real estates which goes to crores of rupees. It seems a high profile IAS (Indian Administrative Service) officer had 500 bank accounts. Now, what to say of Politicians, Bureaucrats and some Business people having thousands of crores of rupees or millions of dollars, which shall amount to billions of dollars in total; by which a country can be run and its economy could have bettered.

A petty robber- a pick-pocket or a necklace snatcher when caught by the police would be punished and beaten to almost death in the custody. He might even be sentenced to a few months or years in jail. Which is that constitution and law of a country that could give the quantum of punishment; when compared to the petty robber to those who swindle and rob the money of the people.   

Dollar ImageIf the money kept idle for long it should stink in real terms; like a man’s body if not taken bath for long it starts smelling and a dead man’s corpse will stink so much that you would not want to keep it for a second. The same thing should have been there for money also, if kept idle for long, it should start stinking. Then Money stashed in Swiss banks and elsewhere; kept idle; if it would really stink, then the bank authorities would ask the account holders to take away the money. It may sound foolish, silly or idiotic and funny, but is it not the money of the people that has been kept there. If that could be a reality the idle money would not find a place anywhere.

Such money would find its way into the pockets of undesired people. In Hindi language there goes a saying –                “Paapi Ka Maal Chandal Khaya” it means- “the Sinners Wealth is eaten by the Scoundrels”.                                          In Kannada language there is a saying – “Kotiddu Tanage Bachitiddu Pararege” it means “What we give, it comes to us, what we hide goes to others”. Now, who is to tell this to those who want millions and billions; will they enjoy all that during their life time? Is life so long? That it could be enjoyed and finished.

 It is true; to live a good comfortable life in these modern times, lot of money is needed. Lot of money can be earned through proper means; there is no dearth of it.   

Why adopt illegal, short-cut dishonest means!!! ???

 I Keep Thinking

You Hide and Keep

You do not Want to Give

I Want to Know


……….in this stupid body

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…… this stupid body

Baby in the WombIn the womb, with the smallest legs in this world

Kicking right & left

Giving all the pain & pleasure too

Growing there as fast & wanting to come out

Crying came out & showering happiness all over

Received kisses from elderly girls, women & men too

All carried here & there like a ball in their hands

As if the ball being a symbol of love & cuddling

Hugs & hugging went on for long

Playing PicPlay & games was in the routine

Then came schooling & the mates

Went on getting education & knowledge too

Earning for a living & have a family too

Apart from the legs, hands & body there is a mind too

This mind dreaming of necessary & unnecessary things too

Some have come true & some have not

Deriving pleasure & happiness for the senses

Man in the tunnel of lifeBeing the order of the day, this & everything else

Days & years passing by, realising now as to what to do

Forgetting the past & remembering a little too

The body having trillions of cells & ofcourse living in that too

 Millions daily taking birth & billions dying too

So makes this body old & not as before

Seeing other older bodies helpless & hopeless

Question arises… & this body also going to be one so

EYE IN BROWN COLORThe thought makes one frighten & shivering too

The body would not permit & allow too

Blinking the eyes to open & to see life has gone by

To wish & work like before

To accomplish & to attain as dreamt

Life goes on & on  

I Image croppedWho is this? Thoughts pouring now & then

Thinking got the answer….. its I ……. in this stupid body.

These thoughts and sentences came to me, when I think of realising the self.

“Self-Realisation” is you are not the body; you are the SOUL a part of the UNIVERSAL SOUL.

The school of thought of “Advaita” which proclaims that all is one and there is no second.

Everything is that Universal Soul and the Individual Soul is “Aham Brahma Asmi”,

“I am thou that”.

……and I am “Sat Chit Ananda Swaroopi” , “Nitya” & “Pari-Poorna”.

I am the one _ manifested, I am the Bliss, I am was & is forever, I am not divided and I am complete.

Creative Blogger Award

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Creative Blogger Award Image

Creative Blogger Award

Deb Cowdrey

The Author of Once Upon a Hot Flash is a person with a Big Heart with lots of Love treasured in it. She distributes the Love as and when she wants to whom so ever she wants, how-much-so-ever she gives it; her heart is still filled with Love. Deb, I thought was a short name for some longer name, I tried to explore it; then I thought it was nice to call just Deb, like how I have shortened mine from Shivakumar to just Shiva’

Now, She has nominated me for the Creative Blogger Award, almost two months back and I was so happy on that day which made me jump like a kid. I begged her pardon that I would be responding to it in some time and she had given me ample time; that I could do it whenever time permits. I also asked her _ do you think I am Creative, she responds showing her Thumbs-Up.

“ A Positive Attitude with An Abundance of  Gratitude and a Laugh at Menopause”

The above is her blog’s Tag Line. Reading it only makes you know of her Attitude which has the Abundance of Gratitude found in few and she dares to mention that she laughs at Menopause giving an example to her gender alike.

She also runs an “Our Daily Grateful Post” in which she posts daily one quote or few lines on which she is Grateful and asks on what you are grateful for. Doing this daily; I hope one could understand how devoted one should be. Giving Time, Attention and…… If you are Grateful for anything and you want people to know it; visit her blog.

Five Random Facts About Me:

  • I have an Aptitude and Fascination for Acting.
  • I Love Good Food prepared & served from Lovable Hands.
  • I Love Swimming and doing Yoga and Meditation. I Seek GOD !!!
  • Hearing Music & Reading is Time I give for.
  • Creativity is My Karma, in what I do & think.

The Rules All to be Adhered and not to Change :


  • Thank and Post the link of the Blog that Nominated You (Very Important)
  • Share Five Random Facts about Yourself to Your Readers.
  • Display the Creative Blogger Award logo on your Blog.
  • Nominate 15 – 20 Blogs and Notify all Nominees via their social media /blogs.
  • Pass these Rules on to them.

I now nominate with lots of affection the Following Creative Bloggers, who create fantastic creative Posts, you just have to visit them to know their creation.

The Following are all on my list of Follow:


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 Starlight Blogger Award Image

Now, everybody knows what Archimedes did when he found the theory of weight loss when we dip into water. He just came out of his bathing tub into the streets and went on shouting, ‘I Got it !  I Got it !!  I Got it!!!’
Chiru !  (  this little guy has made me do like how Archimedes did by nominating me for the above “Starlight Blogger Award”. You understand how I am feeling and in which way I have to thank this young, hot blooded, aspiring writer, picking all available sticks to settle in Bengaluru on his new job. Making ends meet is now his routine, I suppose. I can only tell him that these are times of test,  shrug and struggle to take no time in getting from his bed. I remember his own Poem “Near Inspirations”   ( ,On his dear momma, as to how she used to wake him up.
 Thanks Chiranjeevi !!!  (the meaning of the name is one who lives for ever and knows not of Death) “Tatastu” (Blessings to YOU).


This fellow has not left me there; he has asked me three questions to be answered.

Here he goes……… …..…..and I……..


The three questions from my muggle head are,

1.  Do you believe in Luck? Why?

Believing in Luck to me seems to be secondary. In the first place, can we change? What is going to come further of us or that what is going to happen? If we could, we would prepare ourselves to change it and face it like as if in war __ I mean prepare like that __ fight & WIN.
In the Kannada language ‘LUCK’ is called “ADRUSTA”, it means _ “DHRUSTA” or “DHRUSHYA” _ means which we can see. There is a big philosophy behind the word “ADRUSTA”; it goes into the spiritual realm.
All that we face in life from birth to death is the “STUFF” we have brought (‘Butte Gantu’ in Kannada) from our previous lives. Good and Bad to experience in the present one and compile things to make “STUFF” for the next one. When I talk of previous lives that are unseen; so the term “ADRUSTA” is used. It should be clearly understood here that God does not give or bestows LUCK on us, it is only we who bring it for our own selves to experience in this or in any life for that matter.

2. What is the strangest thing you have experienced?

This strange thing comes in our Great Epic _ “MAHABHARATA”. The question is like “ Yaksha Prasne” i.e.; Questioning of the character who comes and his name is Yaksha.
Drutharashtra _ the blind king asks the same question, what is the strangest thing in this World?
The answer given to him was _ “People live life like as if there is no death that is going to come to them which is in the near future.”
My strangest experience is just like the same.
The rulers in today’s democracy or the Politicians or the Political Parties behave in such a way as if they would rule for the next 1000 years or forever; and that there is no death   ( ‘YamaRaja’ _ the king of the Kingdom of Death will never meet them ) coming to them.

3.   What is a challenge according to you?

A situation which comes to you which is unprecedented and unexpected of, and also makes you fear, is that what puts one into Challenge. Facing it, and putting our eyes into it, and stare at it, would be the Challenge, one can give Challenge to Challenge itself.
I now Nominate the following Bloggers who are Stars and have their own Light to receive this “Starlight Blogger Award” provided they participate like how I now and my nominees have done in the past.

Marianthi :

Saba :

Johanna :

Shivangi :

Lakshmi :

Deb :

Not-to-be-changed rules:
  • Thank the giver and link their blog to your post.
  • Answer the 3 questions given to you.
  • Nominate Others.

These are the three questions I ask them to answer.

  1. What are YOU upto?

  2. What is Happiness and how can you bring it to others?

  3. Life can be Moulded, How?

Do take part and take away your Award and display on your Heart and on your Blog.


Oh! Human!!!

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Oh! Human!!!

Oh! Human!!!

You want to kill me

Having used me so Much

I still want to Live

Could You allow Me to

And if You could allow Me to

I could still give You Shade & Comfort

I beautify your World

And don’t  I satisfy your Hunger

I shall be Home to so many Creatures & Birds

You think only of your Home

You kill me

Let still Peace shower on You

Do not kill Me

Oh! human!!!

        Cut & Still Standing Dead.                                                                                                                                                                                  Spilling All its Tears.                                                                                                                                                                                           Among the Living Other Tall Trees.                                                                                                                                                                      As if they Mock at it.
For Decades it Lived                                                                                                                                                                                                  Smashed a few Years Back                                                                                                                                                                                      It still wants to Live                                                                                                                                                                                                 Here is the Proof

Dedicating this Post to all the TREES in this world.


<a href="">Connected</a>

Now how its connected ?   Connected to the Ground , Connected to the Humans all around,                                                                            Connected to the Birds and other Creatures and Finally Connected to the Nature