Body Experiences..

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Body Experiences..

Pain, Burning, Itching, Pricking, Piercing, Shooting, Aching and..

Normally everyone experiences all these in their body, maybe in various degrees. Some may have had it to the extremes. Excruciating pains caused due to accidents, operations, illness, chronic disease, cervical and lumbar spondylitis, arthritis and so on…
To forego or forgo these experiences is not easy at all. I have had all these experiences and still having some chronic pains in the body for last few decades.
My purpose of this Post is an attempt to share mine and for others to share their experiences here for all of us to know how to bear these body experiences and how could we forego them or lessen or abstain or even make an end to it.
I have few suggestions, as far as possible be away from pain killer tablets or least do not make them a habit at all. Slowly and steadily train the mind to accept. The mind is such, it listens to what you say and ask. People with chronic pains in body have done it and the body has listened to them. Look to animals got hurt; they care a hell, and in few days they are alright. We as pet lovers take extra care for their well being.
Learning to meditate on our bliss shall definitely help. Knowing and convincing to self that this shall also pass is one more aspect. Adopt natural means like Exercise, Yoga, Swimming, Walking, Nutritious Diet, Holistic means,  Naturopathy, Drinking as much Water, Breathing more and more fresh Air,  Acu Pressure, Acu Puncture, Massage, Oil Baths, Sun Baths, Sauna, Home Remedies, Music, Visit places of Serene beauty and so on..
Being away from doctor, finding solutions to Body Experiences..
Rest all your experiences to share in the comments. Please!


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This Post was Published on 16th May 2015



HABIT! It is an act which is repeatedly done and which becomes strong over a period of time. The older; the stronger; result to more number of repeats. Generally we classify Habits of two types; the ‘Good Habit’ and the ‘Bad Habit’. There is a thin hair line of separation in between Hobby and Habit. Sometimes it is difficult to recognise the line itself. If the word Hobby is famous, the word Habit seems to be notorious.
Hobby or Habit derives the sense of satisfaction, pleasure and happiness. It’s why one indulges. The desire ultimately when gives that pleasure and satisfaction; the desire itself becomes more desirable. This is what we have to understand.
So it’s the desire, all that matters and the ultimatum is the pleasure of doing the act. It gives mental and physical satisfaction, be it smoking, drinking, walking, eating, swimming, reading, writing, having sex, bird watching, sky watching, or anything that which is done repeatedly at certain intervals that which become compulsions. When they become compulsions they turn to be habits.
The whole process of habit forming is of course depends on the mentality and attitude of the person. Once a small desire is satisfied it gives invitation to another repetition. The desire gets sprouted and tells the mind, the mind is in dilemma & helpless, the intelligence overpowers and decides, the body and senses co-operate, Karma happens, happiness is derived. This completes one circle.
The following is the formula of forming a habit.
We normally say – ‘I was longing for the desire for such a long time’, -‘there is a burning desire in me’, – ‘and I was yearning and craving to have it’.
The desire has to be desired so much that it becomes a longing. Putting it to Karma now and then, then and now forms HABIT.
If you have already formed a Habit which you want to get rid off, there is no other way or anything to be reversed. Just kill the desire before it sprouts, killing and killing you have ultimately killed the Habit formed.
It is for us to decide as to which Habit we would like to form; make the finest of discriminations and indulge in – ‘THE HABIT OF FORMING A HABIT’.
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The Whitening Myth

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4th March 2015

Brown Color Rectangular Image - Copy (2)


THE SKIN! Human beings are born with a specific color of skin, basically of the color of their parents or of what we call the Race of the family or of their own country or continent in a broader sense. The White, The Black and The Brown are how they are distinguished as THE RACE. The newer colors of skins of the past few decades are the newer breeds of Humans. An American marries an African and gives birth to a Blackish White. An European White marries an African; the offspring is Whitish Black. Indians are recognized as the Brown, and we still recognize the North Indian Brown and South Indian Brown as a different race. Even an Indian when cross bred with a White or a Black the offspring’s skin color will be Brownish White or Brownish Black. So we all know as to of what skin we have born.
There have been wars on Religion for centuries among the human race; the next reason for wars is the Racial War. Such is the dangerous depth of the most delicate superficial layer of the body – The Skin. The next in line are the wars on territorial and border disputes of countries, and also wars on languages of what people speak.
Now what is The Myth?  Humans know from which racial skin they are born of, but most of them still want to have a better look of their Skin and especially the face skin. They see their own skin with their own naked eyes of their hands or other parts of their body innumerable times; but they are much bothered of the face skin that too seen through the mirror. The face is seen in the mirror so many times; maybe the mirror itself is bored of seeing the faces of people. What else can the mirror do; it shows exactly as to what color the skin is. People still want the color of the skin especially of the face to be whitened – this is The Myth.
The myth is most common among the women folk that are evident since ancient times.  You see the “Darpana Sundari” (a woman half dressed in dancing pose holding a mirror in the hand and seeing her face) in the ancient sculptures of India. That’s the proof.
In front of a modern dressing mirror we find tens of boxes and bottles of various types of powders, facial crèmes, face masks, face pads, foundations, fairness crèmes, oils,  whitening lotions etc;. The investment is in thousands or sometimes in lakhs of Rupees or Dollars which does not yield any interest on the investment; except in the interest of the Myth. People know of what color their skin is, but though, would still like to whiten it adapting to so many methods, the Make-Up using Cosmetics, Medicines, Facial Applications etc; to whiten the skin. Here it is not to be confused and misunderstood that it is a generic subject, but on the contrary it is a fact.
Now who would not like to look nice, almost everybody wants, so accordingly they spend the hard earned money. There are so many companies manufacturing these aids to whiten the skin, and they vigorously advertise to sell. In a way thanks to the Myth which helps and contributes towards the profitability of such companies and is a bread earning source to so many.
It is natural that the skin gets a little darkened when exposed to sunlight; from day-one of a child when it starts playing outside in the sunlight the darkening starts. The darkness is not as much to have changed the whole color of the skin. It is a temporary phase. The madness to change the color to whiten the skin is ridiculous.
One can know the original color of their skin in three ways. The first one is to see the covered parts of the body like the chest or the thighs. The second is to see themselves when they are not exposed to sunlight for many days, especially when somebody is ill for some time or for other reasons. The third is to ask your parents or any elder who has taken you on his chest when you were a baby.
Some tips to maintain the original skin color: Wash the face in cold water three to four times in a day, Drink lots of Water, Check on your Habits, Maintain your Cool, Have enough Rest and Sleep, Eating more of Green Vegetables, less of oily stuff and junk food, One fruit every night, Minimize the exposure to sunlight, Control your Temperament, Early morning brisk walk, little bit of Yoga or a Swim, have Contentment. Just do all this for a few days and check the texture of the Skin; you will be confident and willing to continue it for days & days to come. That is the result to a Healthy body and Healthy mind and that’s  the reflection on the face and facial skin.
True! The using of whitening lotions or crème gives a good feeling, cause of the chemicals used and the fragrance which makes the senses satisfy.
So! No need to spend much on whitening the skin. Understand your Complexion and Do as above.
Save Money.
Shiva Malekopmath                                               
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It is the Family that comes first

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It is the Family that comes first

A child is born and from that moment it acquires a family. The family, we all know, constitutes of Father, Mother, Husband, Wife, Sons, Daughters, Grand Parents, Siblings, Uncles, Aunts, Nephews and Cousins.  We all grow in such a social set up; we slowly acquire other relationships – neighbors, community, schoolmates and friends in general by passing of the age.  These people keep changing or the contact and intimacy diminishes as time passes by. Very rare, at circumstances, are few persons in life, continue to be good friends and continue to be in contact and maintain that age old intimacy.

We find very often, meeting friends and other relations after a long time gap, maybe it might be in terms of years or decades for that matter. We meet, talk of our good times mostly, have a laugh or a smile, have a cup of coffee or lunch and again disappear. We never know when we shall meet them again. So this relationship is mostly short lived.

So, it is the family that is always with us in contact right from birth till death. No matter the age old tradition of joint family, it has almost lost its identity. But the relation which comes through blood has a deeper value and compassion. Be it in India, America, Britain, Brazil, China, Australia, Japan, Ireland or any land.

Bad times are the real test of each and every relationship. I find that it is the immediate family that comes first. It is the first to be counted. It is also taken for granted. It is also expected and accepted of. Whatsoever hardships and strained ties one has; those are forgotten, if not forever, at least for the time being when there is chaos in the family.

It may be that someone is suffering from serious illness and has been admitted to hospital, be it an accident, operation or something. It is the family that comes first. Even the hospital people expect the family to be there by the side. It is the family who are informed of the death first. So, it is the family that comes first.

By writing this post I would only want to make know and plead that it is always good as far as possible to maintain cordial relationship with the family first. An outsider is always an outsider. I do not underestimate the relationship one has maintained with an outsider, the love and compassion they share is to be appreciated, and at times they are the ones who also come first. But it is then an individual experience worth applause.

My Dear All, please share your experiences and thoughts, I know it varies from individual to individual. But the fact is “It is the Family that comes first”.

Malala in Hospital Image 1.jpeg

Malala while in Hospital 

Family Visits Grand Father Image 1.jpg

Grand Old Man in Hospital with Family

Bill Young in Hospital Image 1.jpg

 Congressman Bill Young with full Family 

Children’s Income

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Children’s Income

Should as Parents, ask and keep track of the children’s income?

Me! Having born and brought up in a joint Indian family with a very indifferent background and culture. Of course I now have my own nuclear family. Things in this world have changed so much that it is now incomparable to the life and style what we lived decades back. 

The education, opportunity and independence the young get today makes them earn a big sum quiet early in life, may be they might be earning more than what their own parents earn.

I shall share my thoughts, opinion and feelings in the forthcoming comments here. I only feel if you all can contribute your might in this issue it may be of help to the young, old, parents and children. A modern society that is in the making, which constitutes of various cultures, background, nations, race, religions etc; the money circulation is mind boggling. The value for money has almost lost its charm.

 I see and observe that many parents are unaware of the income of their children. When asked they seem to give a sign of no interest. Some of them have made a self pledged rule; they think they have no right to ask.

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Creeper! Everybody knows of the creeper plant which grows in all gardens, farms, road sides and forests. Poor thing it has very less strength to stand up and show its stature, it needs something to support it and with that dependence it grows, makes and shows its stand and presence.

This is one more living being which sets an example. After all what is that, it is just a creeper, what’s so great about it? Its true, one feels to say so. But there is something here to be pondered.

Now, first let us explore the silent features of the creeper. It requires very little land to take its birth. It does not expect much of a care to grow big. It does not have a sturdy stem to erect and stand straight or inclined. It is of innumerable variety. It may grow as edible leaves. It may produce a vegetable. It generates flowers, for medicinal purposes, or just good looking beautiful ones. Its greatest weakness and also at the same time the strongest quality which we find in very, very few living things; this is though a contradiction, but its true, that is, its basic element, it is the support on which it exhibits itself as a Living Thing.

Now, I would not like to compare a Human to the Creeper, although humans are having so many qualities of a creeper. If we can understand the life of a creeper, our lives could be much nicer and finer. For that matter we humans do depend on many people and things; from our birth till death. Mother, Father, Siblings, Friends, Teacher and the whole Society at large; are those living things we want. Water, Fire, Air, Petrol, Electric Power, Metals, and what not, how many things can I mention, you know more than me I suppose.

But for a creeper, how much does it expect, just one support that only gives us the example. If its growing in the direction that we do not want, we cut it, it then tries to grow in the way where it gets another support. We can make it grow, and give a support, be it a stick, a pillar, a wall, a wire, or anything that we want to make it look better and beautiful. It can be groomed like a child is groomed and protected by the Parents. As it grows bigger it will show its beauty that we wanted it to become.

We are now to identify what are our great weaknesses and strong points. How can we make our lives better and successful?

Bodily Weak! Putting the mind at work on something else shall help and build it strong like the creeper. The creeper becomes stronger day by day as it grows with the available support.

Not happy with the subject of your education, change it to the one which you like the most, like how the creeper finds the best way to take the support.

Not happy with the place you are living or profession you are doing, its most of the time inevitable, but taking the support of something or someone, I mean exploring the support, that also can overcome. Watch the creeper carefully, it does so.

Come what may or say that it has already come, think of the creeper. That shall solve and place before you the answer.

The behaviour of the human mind is to seek an excuse, any possible excuse for not to grow in competence, compassion, compatibility ….so on and so forth. But the creeper shall not say so, it finds ways and means, how competent it is and that it can be. In some cases it grows so well that it overpowers the one on which it has grown.

It depends though, but its free to grow and live.

That’s making Life Loveable, Peaceful and Successful.

The Creator has given so many such Creations to know and learn from.


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2158 - Copy


 I request all readers to insert any nice creeper Photos or Pictures if you have any in the Comment Box  while commenting, so that readers could see them and enjoy.

Christmas Tree 2
Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree 1
Christmas Tree Decorated

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The Etymology and The Dialect of Sir!

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The Etymology and The Dialect of Sir!

The British! In every country where they have ruled, the British have left their traits in such a way that it reflects on the Culture, Language, Laws and day to day living of the people of those countries where they have ruled and left. They are now known as colonial countries. For that matter India is also called as colonial; a colony of the British, French and Portuguese. But the British had a larger share of their rule and that’s why their roots are still strong and deep.
I just take on one Word ‘SIR’- the etymology and how its being pronounced now in India – the dialect.
The study of the origin of words & the way in which their meanings have changed throughout the world
A particular form of a language which is peculiar to a specific region or social group.
regional language, local language, local tongue, local speech, local parlance, variety of language; 
To know more about this and the words, you may refer these links.
The word Sir, now being used all over the world to write business, official & personal letters too; in which we start with the letters Sir in addressing the person to whom we are writing the letter. Its being used to address a person of high esteem or just call him as a person senior in age, cadre, intellectual, education; or even to a stranger.
In India the same word is used for the same purposes to address a person with due respect. You can imagine it and pronounce it as per the spelling given below and literally it is being pronounced like that. It means the same and it carries the same weight and the person being addressed also shall not mistake; there lies the fun.
Now, let us have some fun here, I give below the spellings of the word; see the dialect.

You can add to the list if you know other ways of calling for Sir, let the alphabets be different but it should address the word Sir!

It could have been better if I could show you how people pronounce it through a video. But I am sure all my readers are clever and can imagine it.

Don’t you feel its Funny and Enjoyable?

Pronunciation and Dialect


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Wealth! How much does one want? I keep pondering over this thought. I ponder, and its not a compulsion that everybody should ponder it. Say! If everybody would ponder what would it be like. Here goes what I would like to say.

Atal Behari Vajpayee Image
Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee in Parliament

Our Great Prime Minister of India & One of the Greatest Human beings Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee once told in the Parliament_         “Ek Aadmi Ko Jineke Liye Kitna Chahiye”– it means, ‘for one to live this life, how much does one require’. He was telling it in the parliament of the largest democratic country in the world and that too when he was in the ruling Party. In terms of money; how much shall one require to lead a life in this modern world? I don’t say that one should not have lots of money or property. I am not a socialist or a communist. My thinking does not match to them at all. I do not blame the capitalists either, in a way; they are the one who run this world. Because it is the investor who makes people work and give employment. Unless employing the money to work, the economy will not grow.

Earnings from other sources – by illegal means, corrupt practices, dishonest methods, kick backs, swindling government funds, cheating & fraudulent means. Such an earning style may give the person a few hundred rupees to millions of dollars and that too within no time.Rupees Image

In today’s world there are so many thousands of options for one to earn; he can earn a good some in comparatively less time, provided he puts his sincere efforts and commitment to what he is doing. He can earn so much, that he can live a comfortable life.

But, why in many people, there has come a trend to possess wealth by other methods as mentioned above. The percentage of such people is increasing by the day. It seems Honesty has no place among the people at the helm, if such is the situation, the young would continue to do worst things as they grow older and become responsible citizens.  

There is a term in English –“Filthy Rich” & “Stinking Rich”- a large per cent of people want to be so, and they have made them the ideal. When such are the ideals; man would find those means.

Today in our newspaper an ordinary clerk in a government department has been raided. They have found more than 70 crores of rupees worth gold and cash. There have been continuous raids like this, where we find officials making property in real estates which goes to crores of rupees. It seems a high profile IAS (Indian Administrative Service) officer had 500 bank accounts. Now, what to say of Politicians, Bureaucrats and some Business people having thousands of crores of rupees or millions of dollars, which shall amount to billions of dollars in total; by which a country can be run and its economy could have bettered.

A petty robber- a pick-pocket or a necklace snatcher when caught by the police would be punished and beaten to almost death in the custody. He might even be sentenced to a few months or years in jail. Which is that constitution and law of a country that could give the quantum of punishment; when compared to the petty robber to those who swindle and rob the money of the people.   

Dollar ImageIf the money kept idle for long it should stink in real terms; like a man’s body if not taken bath for long it starts smelling and a dead man’s corpse will stink so much that you would not want to keep it for a second. The same thing should have been there for money also, if kept idle for long, it should start stinking. Then Money stashed in Swiss banks and elsewhere; kept idle; if it would really stink, then the bank authorities would ask the account holders to take away the money. It may sound foolish, silly or idiotic and funny, but is it not the money of the people that has been kept there. If that could be a reality the idle money would not find a place anywhere.

Such money would find its way into the pockets of undesired people. In Hindi language there goes a saying –                “Paapi Ka Maal Chandal Khaya” it means- “the Sinners Wealth is eaten by the Scoundrels”.                                          In Kannada language there is a saying – “Kotiddu Tanage Bachitiddu Pararege” it means “What we give, it comes to us, what we hide goes to others”. Now, who is to tell this to those who want millions and billions; will they enjoy all that during their life time? Is life so long? That it could be enjoyed and finished.

 It is true; to live a good comfortable life in these modern times, lot of money is needed. Lot of money can be earned through proper means; there is no dearth of it.   

Why adopt illegal, short-cut dishonest means!!! ???

 I Keep Thinking

You Hide and Keep

You do not Want to Give

I Want to Know



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ANGER! It is said to be one of the negative behavioural pattern of humans. But every human tends to be angry, knowing that, it is though not called for. All spiritual scriptures in this world do not recommend anger as a virtue. But most times we have and are compelled to get angry. The inner being or conscious whispers to stop the act, but man continues to be in the act. There are situations that we have to be angry, may be, to make know the people at the other end as to what is expected of.
In the process of being angry we invite fights in which most of the times both the parties at each ends are put to loss. The harmony is disturbed. The moods get changed. The relationship is strained.
The most common fights due to Anger are among Husband & Wife, Father & Son, Business and Professional Partners, Man & Man, Woman & Woman, Man & Woman and vice versa.
In the whole process of getting Angry, we (please be aware that includes me) get to be Nonsensical, and that creates the whole problem. While we are Angry, we start talking nonsense, stupid, unconcerned, not related to the subject or something which was of the past or of the future which may occur or not, or that which makes the whole thing an End. Can that be a pure fight on which it is related; I feel it cannot, because we tend to be Nonsensical. The resultant could be a Divorce, Business Loss, Strained relationship among family members, friends and community at large. Just One Word uttered may cause a life time repentance and agony.
People at the helm of affairs; be it among the family, community, corporate circles, organisations and business heads are bound to be Angry, that which is necessary and permissible, in running it successfully. Even there being Nonsensical is not expected of.  They are shrewd, practical, diplomatic and intelligent; being Angry. So that makes one circle complete. People involved are also happy.
Animals also tend to be Angry and invite fights among their own circles. But I feel they don’t get Nonsensical; the next moment they become friends.
Getting Angry is necessary. Getting Nonsensical is not required.
Left to Me, You and Everyone to decide and act.
Red Rose Aishu's 1


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Birth! When takes place everybody is happy and overwhelmed with joy, but the new offspring comes crying into this world and has to face the sorrows and joys of all sorts. By the time death comes, the life has established relationships with other human beings who already exist and with those who will take birth during the tenure of the life. The sharing of time, ideas, thoughts, emotions, and love has made that life more strong and compassionate- life worth living. In this world, the dependency and the give & take has made people to live with each other more harmoniously. A time comes to part – when death occurs, in most cases the opposite happens, the dead person attains freedom and peace from this struggle of the so called living. People are unhappy and drowned in sorrow. To pay the last respects and the last rite – the Funeral and the Attendance both are equally important.  It’s interesting to explore the participation of people at Funerals. They participate – Passively Active, Actively Passive and Actively Active.

You and I have attended funerals and have observed small or big crowds at them. The participation of relatives, friends, neighbours, and people from the community attending funerals is active and diligent, though it is not an occasion to be celebrated. This is the observance throughout the world for that matter. People gather for the person’s last rites to pay respects. People of the same community gather quickly and participate actively. It is rather an occurrence, very silent and closemouthed.

You are remembered by the kith and kin, on which occasions you had attended. Had you come for the Marriage function, the House warming or the Funeral? You may miss the first two but cannot afford to not attend the last one- the Funeral. If you do not attend, you are marked. In India, at least in many communities it is the practice. At least one person from one family will attend the occasion.

People do not care to meet known friends and relatives when they are alive and normal; leave aside; they don’t meet them when they are in problems & financial crisis or ill health, but they make sure to attend their funerals. So, many people whether they are interested or not have to actively participate. I have seen many friends and relatives attending funerals of their relatives, whom they have never seen in their life time. If that was their love towards them they could at least visit them when the person was alive. It is wondering to observe such an attitude towards life. Attending funerals is a duty, a compulsion; for the sake or heck of it. At some occasions and places it is a celebration, though every fellow involved knows that the time is for mourning.

I still remember the first funeral that I attended while I was still studying in tenth standard. I am talking of the situation few decades back. One of my classmates father had expired, we got the news immediately and it was evening by that time. A small crowd had gathered. After waiting for some more people to gather, they started the last rituals at about 11pm; by the time the body was lifted it was almost midnight. The cremation ground was some were too far which I had never seen. During those days the body had to be carried by the four men on their shoulders, every few seconds, men used to change and give their shoulders to carry the body. On the way to cremation ground, heavy rains started and there was no question of stopping anywhere, you just had to move. By the time we reached the cremation ground it might have clocked 2 am. The pouring of the rain had come to the tail end. The body was kept with lot of hurry in the place made for it. Every person at the funeral was so active in cremating the body. Some brought the wooden logs. Some were busy collecting old cycle tyres. Some brought kerosene. Some running here and there to collect random things for fire, except, maybe, one or two of the relatives, none of them showed a sign of grief. There was a lot of shouting also, and at times blaming each other in the high tone. Everybody wanted to finish the rite at the earliest and go home. They finished the whole ritual with a sigh of relief.

Looking to all this at that tender age it stunned me. I was rather disheartened and felt bad for such disrespect was given to the body. So! This was death I felt. The event was lingering in my mind for quite a number of days, and it was not so easy to forget. I was even inspired to write a big essay on the experience, which I did not attempt, I now feel for it.

There is a place in my Town; it is so strange to know, that if anybody in that place dies during day time, especially after 10 in the morning, he is cursed because everybody would have gone for their respective work. All those cannot participate in the funeral, because by evening all last rites would be finished. It’s an area of working people. If suppose, anyone dies in the evening or early night, everybody is happy for they can actively participate. How it all goes by the night is wonder striking. The whole night is a celebration. Some of them gather and contribute to cook a midnight snack, at times, only one person may bear the expenses. No money for this purpose is asked to any of the relatives of the deceased. Bhajan parties are called to sing for the night. Mostly songs on the almighty, songs on great yogis or yathis and their sayings or lyrics of despair are sung. The Whole Street or Chawl is awake. People from all sects gather and from every household, maybe only the children and old ones may go to sleep. The women folk sit before the body in a big group and cry and sometimes sing a song, some women are talented to cry so loudly that they make others cry and they are encouraged.  People sit in groups and discuss on varied subjects, politics could be the main subject. Some people may discuss of the one departed. Scores of them will be playing cards and many would be watching them. There will be constant supply of cigarettes, beedies, betal nuts and betal leaves. Some would be secretly enjoying alcohol. Fire Crackers will be used now and then. The deceased family would be waiting to receive their loved ones, who would be coming from far of places. The whole night goes like this ceremoniously. Next day morning after all known people have come and gathered the last rituals would start. The procession would start with firecrackers all along the road. The whole episode will finish by noon. That day is a holiday for the people of the area; they have a fantastic reason and excuse not to go for work.

I have just quoted examples of behavior; it varies from person to person and place to place. I would not want to elaborate, but there is every scope to do it.



We can find or might have observed, at so many funeral services or funeral rites, people participate actively with or without grief. The death of renowned people, politicians and celebrities are attended by hundreds and thousands of human beings. At times participation by the mobs gathered; lost their own lives or have had big fights. I give here below some incidents taken place in this world which most of us know of Politicians, Dictators, Celebrities and Public figures.

The Murder of Mahatma GandhiGandhi 1

John F Kennedy 1The Assassination of John F. Kennedy

The Shooting of Smt Indira GandhiIndira Gandhi

The Death of Matinee Idol Dr. Rajkumar from Karnataka, IndiaDr Rajkumar

M G RThe Death of Matinee Idol and Politician M.G.Ramachandran from Tamil Nadu, India

The Hanging of Saddam Hussain of IraqSaddam Hussain

Z A BhuttoThe Death Verdict of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto of Pakistan

The Mob Murder of  Muammar Gadaffi of NigeriaGadaffi

Idi AminThe Death of Dictator Idi Amin of Uganda

It may be a big list to quote, you may add them into your minds and just think of the subject I am throwing light upon.

Altogether, the active participations at funerals or death at large, give an enormous scope for thinking, on what type of relationship man keeps with each other, whether with the kin or a public figure.

Across the world, since centuries, so many types of practices, rituals and rites are performed. Funeral is conducted by various communities, in different ways all over the world. They might seem strange, surprising and ridiculous. It is the faith in the Rituals, and Reverence for the dead, and at times it is Vengeance. There might be so many other examples, which I might not have quoted, but in this world we come across such situations that give food for our thoughts.