..the Sky Wonders at Me

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sky-image-1..the Sky Wonders at Me 


I see, the Sky Wonders at Me

It watches me

By birth 

I landed beneath it

From then on 

The here and there

The wandering with or without purpose 

It also knows I am not a vagabond

Witnessing day and night 

The love I share

The instant anger and temperament 

 It knows everything

I am in good health, happy and overwhelmed

I am sick and sad

I am scared, sorrowful and disgusted

I am puzzled 

I am confused

 I work hard, at times lazy

I am with all

 I am alone

There is no secret I can hide

It has no place for it to hide

My head tilts up

I stretch my arms wide towards

It stretches so wide as if 

To swallow me and the world 

I ask who are You

Who am I?

It is silent

Silently it says

I am transcendence 

I am the bliss

I am there forever

You come and go

It says as if 

It has said so many times

Can you not hear me?

I am left still thinking


The Sky Wonders at Me


Oh You! World. Now! You Envy

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Oh You! World. Now! You Envy


Oh You! World

I was after you

Such love you know

What you gave Me

Hate, Shame, Displeasure, Depression

You want me to give the List

Better you not ask

As it goes endless

You showed your Charm

To Hanker for Money and Power

I shun you

Have now been living beneath a tree

Beside a musical stream

Among the chirping song of the birds

Animals, Insects, Beasts come to me

Both free of fear

We love each other

I understand their language

So do they mine

Hunger and craving has disappeared

I give them nothing

As here in the forest

I do not have anything to give

I only have Love

In return I receive by the bundles

Being among the stars, sunset, sunrise and darkless nights

In the soundless blossoming of the flowers

I live in the ecstasy of nature

What more bliss do I need

I am now the universe

The whole of existence

It loves me

I love it

I am away from You

Oh You! World

Now! You Envy

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Blossoming Flowers Image 3

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Sorrow Image 1


I am not complaining either

As you are not also

One that Liveth

He/She that Loveth

Has had his share of sorrow

The one that one shall not share

As deep in Heart its hidden

One would heck to know

Would want to measure

Could anyone find the device?

Of the sea of tears, pain and displeasure

You imagined it

 You created it

You formed it

For the sake of Love

For the Heck of it

But dear Sorrow

Has been part of Life

Yes its been So

Who is going to Stop anyway

I know you Suffer

I know you are also Sorrowful

To share

You would not want

I would also not

We have kept the world out of it to reach

As everyone has this affair in Private

All only for themselves

Would not want to show the world

Living life’s journey

In their own Music

Let it go back in the muds

No bother it shall remain

In the sands of Time

Yes it is Your Private affair

Yes it is My Private affair

 Sorrow Image 2


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I do not Pose

Neither I want to Impose

In the faith I Depose

Of the World, there is lot to Expose

 The Knowledge, shall be incredible, I Suppose

Of the these things I keep in Repose

For there is no way to Dispose

Resistance to these thoughts, I Oppose

These words, for me and you I Compose


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Life Vibrant Body

Seconds Acceleration

Say Sayonara

This is a Haiku I am writing which I never new before coming to the Blog world. I see and read of few bloggers who write Haiku, it was interesting to me, to know this style of Japanese poetry writing; it seems it consists of three lines only and the first line being of 5 syllables, second line of 7 syllables and again the third line of 5 syllables. This information I am giving to those who do not know about this form of poetry writing.

 I am humble to say that the title I have used is a Japanese word now popularly used in English and other languages of the world since the 19th century.

These particular lines made me to write when I meet or have met so many people in this world who are on the verge of leaving this world.

To your surprise it’s a strange fact that you all have met these people in your regular course of life.

Be it an ailing patient, an old person, fatal accidental injury, chronic disease, drowning person, a person in coma….. so on and so forth…..

These people might be our own kith and kin, very old person in the family, friend in bed for long, anybody whom we know or not is very near to death. Who would say Goodbye through his eyes, hand movements, or by words or anything which shall make us know he/she wants to say Sayonara. 

Dying Images 1

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World Teaches Image 1


The World Teaches

Get taught Soon

Or else

You are Misunderstood by It


You shall Misunderstand It

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