Love & Hate

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Love & Hate


Love could turn into Hate

It could be as intense

Yes! Love could turn into hate. Here I am using the word ‘could’ as it may or may not turn so. When it comes to love, nobody would ever think that at a point of time in future they would start hating the person whom one has loved. In many cases that would not be the case. But when it turns to be so, it could be as intense as the love was. There is a need for some inflow and some outflow, and that should be balanced. Otherwise it is a sign of danger.  

I only feel one should be cautious on that. So if things turn the opposite, it is always better to be away from the relationship and close the matter.

..the very thought

..the very sight

..the very voice

..the very touch

   Is been love

                                                                                                           ..the very thought

                                                                                                           ..the very sight

                                                                                                           ..the very voice

                                                                                                           ..the very touch

                                                                                     Has been Hate

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Oh You! World. Now! You Envy

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Oh You! World. Now! You Envy


Oh You! World

I was after you

Such love you know

What you gave Me

Hate, Shame, Displeasure, Depression

You want me to give the List

Better you not ask

As it goes endless

You showed your Charm

To Hanker for Money and Power

I shun you

Have now been living beneath a tree

Beside a musical stream

Among the chirping song of the birds

Animals, Insects, Beasts come to me

Both free of fear

We love each other

I understand their language

So do they mine

Hunger and craving has disappeared

I give them nothing

As here in the forest

I do not have anything to give

I only have Love

In return I receive by the bundles

Being among the stars, sunset, sunrise and darkless nights

In the soundless blossoming of the flowers

I live in the ecstasy of nature

What more bliss do I need

I am now the universe

The whole of existence

It loves me

I love it

I am away from You

Oh You! World

Now! You Envy

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