..the Sky Wonders at Me

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sky-image-1..the Sky Wonders at Me 


I see, the Sky Wonders at Me

It watches me

By birth 

I landed beneath it

From then on 

The here and there

The wandering with or without purpose 

It also knows I am not a vagabond

Witnessing day and night 

The love I share

The instant anger and temperament 

 It knows everything

I am in good health, happy and overwhelmed

I am sick and sad

I am scared, sorrowful and disgusted

I am puzzled 

I am confused

 I work hard, at times lazy

I am with all

 I am alone

There is no secret I can hide

It has no place for it to hide

My head tilts up

I stretch my arms wide towards

It stretches so wide as if 

To swallow me and the world 

I ask who are You

Who am I?

It is silent

Silently it says

I am transcendence 

I am the bliss

I am there forever

You come and go

It says as if 

It has said so many times

Can you not hear me?

I am left still thinking


The Sky Wonders at Me