Like Tree..I too

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Like Tree..I too

Like the tree branches look

to reach sky Up


Like pleasant cool breeze shaking leaves in harmony

to say as if I am coming Up


Like this whole scenario seems

to laugh and smile at earth from Up


Like the tree, baby spreads arms and waves

to call it’s father to carry and lift Up


Like the secret desire it is bound

to approach better heights Up


Like the tree, I too secretly desire so

to be one into the sky Up


..the Sky Wonders at Me

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sky-image-1..the Sky Wonders at Me 


I see, the Sky Wonders at Me

It watches me

By birth 

I landed beneath it

From then on 

The here and there

The wandering with or without purpose 

It also knows I am not a vagabond

Witnessing day and night 

The love I share

The instant anger and temperament 

 It knows everything

I am in good health, happy and overwhelmed

I am sick and sad

I am scared, sorrowful and disgusted

I am puzzled 

I am confused

 I work hard, at times lazy

I am with all

 I am alone

There is no secret I can hide

It has no place for it to hide

My head tilts up

I stretch my arms wide towards

It stretches so wide as if 

To swallow me and the world 

I ask who are You

Who am I?

It is silent

Silently it says

I am transcendence 

I am the bliss

I am there forever

You come and go

It says as if 

It has said so many times

Can you not hear me?

I am left still thinking


The Sky Wonders at Me