Your arms like octopusy tentacles

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Your arms like octopusy tentacles

Your arms like octopusy tentacles

griped me into your fold.

Unaware of facts of love

stunned to see myself in goosebumps.

Intimacy to the core of fondness

magic of fascination turns into inflorescence.

Eyes locked to unlock chapters

of the love saga in the making.

Deep in the blanket of love

silent inner spirits feel the warmth.

Sudden shift in nature’s attitude turns conducive

music of nature brings pleasure adds essence to the rendezvous.

Two bodies welded to become one

from time zone have gone into timeless.

All senses extract joy and pleasure

bodies yearned and are enthralled.

Devoid of desire to be in earthly realms

eternity be in your arms like octopusy tentacles.

Lovers in Outer Space 1

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Moments Worth

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On the eve of Valentine 14th Feb I post this to dedicate “All Lovers” of this world of Past, Present and Future 

Moments Worth

“Moments are for a few moments and are time bound; they have their beginnings to endings, they are to be worth. We are anxious of their coming and cherish their going . How long, far, near and great are they worth. They bring joy”.

These words are in ‘Quotable Quotes’ form.

The same words in a ‘Poetic’ form

Moments are for moments
Time bound are they
Worthiness matters
Own their beginnings till endings
Anxious of their coming
Cherish of their going
How long
How far
How near
How great
Moments are worth
Bring Joy

Moments Images 1

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 This is a Haiku; I wanted to do something on sports.

Poetry is mostly written on Love, Lovers, God and Nature.

I just thought why I should not write on Sports. The idea came and I chose the most popular and widely played game which is of most interesting to me too, I just love to watch the game and I never miss the FIFA World Cups.

So, I need not describe much about these three lines. We all find when a Goal is done it brings such a lot of joy to one party and sorrow to the opponents, but I have found in the game the spirit is never lost and that’s the spirit of the game, you lose or win.

Football Goal Images 4



The Last ‘GOAL’ of PELE

Do not miss to see this video it is just 7 minutes 51 seconds very touching


FIFA World Cup Final 2014 “THE GOAL”

This video is of 1 Minute 16 Seconds if you don’t see it you would miss a thrilling experience