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My Interview with Jacqueline

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This post was published on 20th Feb 2017 

My Interview with Jacqueline


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Fascinating Jacqueline 






Jacqueline is one of the most fascinating women I have met. Months back she requested me to have my interview, it so happened I could not give my time to her and requested her to postpone it for a while. She was kind enough to give the time.

My mother was seriously ill and I had to take care of her and back in India during November last year the demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupees currency notes affected business and normal life here. Due to other reasons the interview was getting delayed. But Jacqueline was keen on me to send the answers to her questions. I am really grateful to her for this.

I have learnt from this Blog World through persons like Jacqueline. She being busy, in the other day to day activities of her own, conducts various activities on her blog. A person with such great gratitude is to be adored and thanked. All for the good of others she writes Posts, Poetry, and Links to Blogs. Throws lavish Blog parties frequently, by which so many friends meet and build new relationships. She also gives an opportunity to expose talents and introduces people to a larger audience by conducting interviews.

Now that, its an opportunity to know more about me and my thoughts and my philosophy of life, please go read my interview on her blog as I would want all my friends to go to her and read it. I would not want to re-blog it also for the same reason. I give here below the link.

Please express your thoughts about my blog and about me in the comment box below or on her blog’s comment box. Thanks so much to you all for being with me in my journey.