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This Post was Published on 14th March 2015 


Mind Your Business! A popular phrase everybody use. Why? Why only that word ‘Business’ has to be used, maybe some other word could be used; why only that? Is it because everybody knows the meaning perfectly? Is it because one wants to tell that I have some business to do and do not disturb me? Is it because one wants to tell; you do whatsoever you want but do not poke into mine? Is it because the word has become an aversion, because of the interaction with business people in this world, which is a compulsion?
You cannot live in this world without doing Business! If you are not at the receiving end; you are at the giving end. With or without your knowledge you are contributing to the business of this world and are keeping the world moving. This world has to be kept moving you see!
The Hindu order of society called the “Varna Ashrama Dharma – Varna stands for the vocation in which man is living to live a livelihood and Ashram stands for the state in which way the human being is being lived. Both of them are divided into four – In Varna  the Brahmana, (the one who imparts knowledge) Kshatriya,(the one who protects the society) Vaishya ( the one in the pursuit of business) and Sudra  (the working class) . In Ashrama – the Bramacharya ( one who is from childhood to young age having not married), Gruhasta (one who is married and leads a family life) ,Vanaprastha ( one who leads a social life and serves the society) and Sanyasa (one leads a life away from the mundane world, a God seeker) . This order as to how a society has to be lived is prevalent since the dawn of civilization and till today in any part of the world it is the practice. It is not to be confused here that the order is for the Hindu society, it is an order ordered for the whole world. Apart from the two words another word is added – the Dharma which stands for the honesty, loyalty and truth in leading and for the living of the other two. It is important to observe anywhere in this world if this order is not there the whole society is in chaos. The vocation in which one practices has to be in the limits. That society which practices it to the fullest is in peace and cheerfully harmonious. That’s the beauty of the “Varna Ashrama Dharma”.
Coming again to the word Business, which is one aspect of the Varna – the Vaishya – one who is in the pursuit of business, the one who benefits from selling his merchandise and services for a profit. The buyer also knows that he has given a profit for having received the product and services.
In the modern business world we find the selling of merchandise to the customer weather he/she likes or wants it or not. The Ads seen in Newspapers, TV, Radio, Sign Boards and the like; are a proof of the attempt. The customer and consumer may or may not realize of the attempt. The whole idea is to sell and make profits; thereby emptying the pockets of the buyer. The most common advertisement phrases used – ‘Get More Pay Less’, ‘Sale upto 70% Off’, ‘ Buy One get Two Free’ and so on; the idea of the business is justified. On the contrary the opposite happens, either he pays more or the whole buy was unnecessary.
Now, in the society we are living in, we find the business like attitude even in noble professions like medicine and education. It is common to see people talking very casually; that those people in these professions have taken to business. Doctors unnecessarily prescribe medicines and advise various high cost tests, for they get a ‘cut’ (commission) for recommending the tests and medicinal prescriptions. In educational institutes (the Brahmana aspect) collecting huge amounts as donations for admissions from KG classes to PG has been a popular phenomena. Even running of religious Maths; a place of sanctity and where Dharma is to be preached has turned to  be a place of business. The Government Machinery as a whole –the Kshatriya aspect has come down to the level of doing business with people. Bribes, Corruption, Kickbacks and Higher Taxes, have been the order of running a government. The Governments have been a major threatening partner in all businesses having to collect exorbitant taxes; they are the major shareholders in profits only and not in the loss of the business. Whatsoever amounts it collects from various sources but still it is not satisfied, it has a constant watch like the eagle’s eye as to from which source it can pocket money.  If these states of affairs continue, it is an invitation to the no law and order situation. Once the patience of the people gets exploded then there will be disorder, unharmony and violence, which may even lead to civil wars.
The Chaos, The Disturbances, The Terrorism, The Strikes, The Civil Wars, The Bandhs Etc; are all reflections of the disorder in the society. We find it in many countries of the present world.
If this is the order of society; then the next generation will continue to do the same. One has to build on the foundations laid by the elder generations. Every vocation has its own means and limits. The whole society is interdependent and is not to be intermingled. Everyone cannot choose to be In the Pursuit of Business. Those who have chosen have to adhere to the Dharma.  

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All People mentioned in the Tags come under the Varna, meaning Colour, but not the colour of Skin. It means the vocation that they are in, as mentioned in the Post. 

 I give a Few Links to know more about the Varna Ashrama Dharma. In no way it is to be understood that I am preaching about Hindu Philosophy. In a broader sense it is to be accepted as a universal thought. If lived by all countries, peace shall prevail and shall form a happy society.

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