Good Deeds Oblige

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Good Deeds Oblige

10 Good Deeds done

1 or 2 might be known to have paid back

100s are unknown to have paid back

Therefore do not stop doing Good Deeds

Nature shall not keep the debt and shall oblige

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Oh! My Angel..Manifest!

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Oh! My Angel..Manifest!

I cried it seems

As I came in this world

Eyes not yet opened

Who was there in the midst?

For sure my Mother

The Nurses and Doctor

Then came everyone

Have been in their presence since

Every step I moved

I did not know

That there was someone

Who Watched & Protected me

I have done things Good, Bad and Worst

I Walked, Ran and Stumbled

Someone stopped me

Doing further Bad and Worst things

That invisible Hand and Eyes showed

The Path to follow

Experience and Knowledge

Tells me to Ponder

Who is with You

All this while

Till this moment

That there is an Angel

Imperceptible and Inconspicuous

Unnoticeably in Disguise

Now I am sure

You are there

You are here and everywhere isn’t?

With you I have fallen in Love

Before I close my eyes


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Oh! My Angel..Manifest!