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The Whitening Myth

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4th March 2015

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THE SKIN! Human beings are born with a specific color of skin, basically of the color of their parents or of what we call the Race of the family or of their own country or continent in a broader sense. The White, The Black and The Brown are how they are distinguished as THE RACE. The newer colors of skins of the past few decades are the newer breeds of Humans. An American marries an African and gives birth to a Blackish White. An European White marries an African; the offspring is Whitish Black. Indians are recognized as the Brown, and we still recognize the North Indian Brown and South Indian Brown as a different race. Even an Indian when cross bred with a White or a Black the offspring’s skin color will be Brownish White or Brownish Black. So we all know as to of what skin we have born.
There have been wars on Religion for centuries among the human race; the next reason for wars is the Racial War. Such is the dangerous depth of the most delicate superficial layer of the body – The Skin. The next in line are the wars on territorial and border disputes of countries, and also wars on languages of what people speak.
Now what is The Myth?  Humans know from which racial skin they are born of, but most of them still want to have a better look of their Skin and especially the face skin. They see their own skin with their own naked eyes of their hands or other parts of their body innumerable times; but they are much bothered of the face skin that too seen through the mirror. The face is seen in the mirror so many times; maybe the mirror itself is bored of seeing the faces of people. What else can the mirror do; it shows exactly as to what color the skin is. People still want the color of the skin especially of the face to be whitened – this is The Myth.
The myth is most common among the women folk that are evident since ancient times.  You see the “Darpana Sundari” (a woman half dressed in dancing pose holding a mirror in the hand and seeing her face) in the ancient sculptures of India. That’s the proof.
In front of a modern dressing mirror we find tens of boxes and bottles of various types of powders, facial crèmes, face masks, face pads, foundations, fairness crèmes, oils,  whitening lotions etc;. The investment is in thousands or sometimes in lakhs of Rupees or Dollars which does not yield any interest on the investment; except in the interest of the Myth. People know of what color their skin is, but though, would still like to whiten it adapting to so many methods, the Make-Up using Cosmetics, Medicines, Facial Applications etc; to whiten the skin. Here it is not to be confused and misunderstood that it is a generic subject, but on the contrary it is a fact.
Now who would not like to look nice, almost everybody wants, so accordingly they spend the hard earned money. There are so many companies manufacturing these aids to whiten the skin, and they vigorously advertise to sell. In a way thanks to the Myth which helps and contributes towards the profitability of such companies and is a bread earning source to so many.
It is natural that the skin gets a little darkened when exposed to sunlight; from day-one of a child when it starts playing outside in the sunlight the darkening starts. The darkness is not as much to have changed the whole color of the skin. It is a temporary phase. The madness to change the color to whiten the skin is ridiculous.
One can know the original color of their skin in three ways. The first one is to see the covered parts of the body like the chest or the thighs. The second is to see themselves when they are not exposed to sunlight for many days, especially when somebody is ill for some time or for other reasons. The third is to ask your parents or any elder who has taken you on his chest when you were a baby.
Some tips to maintain the original skin color: Wash the face in cold water three to four times in a day, Drink lots of Water, Check on your Habits, Maintain your Cool, Have enough Rest and Sleep, Eating more of Green Vegetables, less of oily stuff and junk food, One fruit every night, Minimize the exposure to sunlight, Control your Temperament, Early morning brisk walk, little bit of Yoga or a Swim, have Contentment. Just do all this for a few days and check the texture of the Skin; you will be confident and willing to continue it for days & days to come. That is the result to a Healthy body and Healthy mind and that’s  the reflection on the face and facial skin.
True! The using of whitening lotions or crème gives a good feeling, cause of the chemicals used and the fragrance which makes the senses satisfy.
So! No need to spend much on whitening the skin. Understand your Complexion and Do as above.
Save Money.
Shiva Malekopmath                                               
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