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Appreciation Award



Quote by: Shiva Malekopmath

Pam! of Joyindestructible  has nominated me for this Award. This Award it seems is to be given to those from a Blogger to another Blogger who has built a rapport with each other and have virtually had lot of conversations, exchange of thoughts and ideas. As a result the whole relationship has been built on a strong footing.


I feel over a period of time the bloggers have established an Appreciation for each other. So, one would want to give something in return, to promote their relationship to be intact and long standing. In the regular course of blogging they would be qualitatively chatting but when someone exchanges with something as a reward it carries meaning to the relationship as a whole.


Meanwhile let me talk something about Pam! Before I go ahead I thank her for this Award. In the past few months or so when I first came across her Blog I commented on her posts and she in reply asked me to elaborate, and in return I asked her to elaborate the subjects. It went on for some time and it still does. She is a very spiritual person and loves Jesus more than her life. In a way her life has been Jesus. She lives in the farthest west of US in a farm of her own. She has children and grand children too. She living so far from me; clockwise she is very far, anticlockwise she is very near, as India, my country, where I live is geographically near to her place. But we are so near to each other, as she dwells near my heart and I to hers. We have had spiritual communion and agree to understand each other’s scriptural dictums. So is this consanguinity.


There are so many bloggers whom I really appreciate and have developed a good rapport to whom I have nominated awards and they in return have nominated me.


Here are a few whom I appreciate and nominate for this Award and they would participate in return to appreciate their Blogger friends who have come across them.



















  1. Thank the person who nominated you and post a link back to their Blog.
  2. Use the “Blogger Appreciation Award” image.
  3. Write a positive paragraph about yourself.
  4. Nominate other bloggers whom you appreciate.


Participating in the Award Posts is left to individual choice and taste.I for feel, participating in them gives me lot of pleasure and gives me an opportunity to recognise and develop relationship with Blogger friends.


Gudi Padwa is the first day of Chaitra month that marks the beginning of the New Year according to lunisolar Hindu Calendar.  It has many names such as Samvatsar Padvo, Yugadi, Ugadi, Cheti Chand or and Navreh. It is also celebrated in the North East state of Manipur and is known as Sajibu Nongma Panba Cheiraoba.

I take this opportunity to wish all my Blogger friends all over the world  a very Happy New Year. My Appreciation again to all of you for having made my Blog grow to what it is now and also wish that your support shall always be there.

Let the New Year bring you all Laurels and Your wishes and Dreams come true.

Gudhi_Padwa_Gudhi Image

A common seen outside any House in India on Gudi Padwa

800px-Rangoli_of_Lights Gudi Padwa 1 - Copy cropped.jpg

Celebrating Ugadi at Home

Rangoli Image 1.jpg

On the occasion of Gudi Padwa 2005 ( a Indian New Year ) Rangvalli Parivar Thane drawn the Huge Rangoli of 16000 sq. ft. in size at Gavdevi Maidan Thane …

Rangoli Image 2.jpg

Year : 19th March 2007 – Gudi Padwa (Hindu New Year) celebrated with 18,000 sq.ft. Huge Traditional Dotted Rangoli with ‘2,50,000 dots’ at Thane

I know you are the Soul. But….

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I know you are the Soul. But…..!

She conceived again
You gave her kisses
 I was still not born
You were so happy
 As I came into this world
You took me here and there
I grew so fast
You were proud of me
Introduced me to this world
You were treasure of Joy and Love
You distributed it like a fool
They took it like mad
It never became empty
You did give so much
To all who came your way
You left your body
For me to search you
Where shall I
How shall I
When shall I
Find to meet you again
I know you are the soul
But you left me behind in this world
…….Oh! My Dad!!!


I would not want to share the demise of my father in my Blog. But for the Life that he has lead. But for the Poem I would want to share. But for the man that he was. But for the stock of Love and Joy he had for others. But for he always looked everyone as equal. But for he never expected anything in return. But….
On the third day after the death, almost all family members had come and we all sat in the Central Hall after lunch. Everybody wanted to talk a few words of my Dad, and so it began at around 4pm and continued up to 11 pm. It was touching to know of the memories they had shared with my Dad. He always wanted eligible brides and bridegrooms in the family to get married. He would find suitable match for them and would arrange the sorts. He had three great grand sons and had wished to arrange their marriage also. Even being the third day, we all laughed so much; and that’s what my Dad always wanted us to be happy and altogether.  
I was born and brought up in a Joint Family of nearly 50 people around. As time has passed by, the family has made divisions and now some are nuclear families. Putting all together it may cross 150 people now. Who live all over India and some abroad.  
My father was 84 Years old and lived in the main house. My mother is 80 years old now and they both had 64 years of full married life. Everybody would visit the place with a right and would enjoy whatever is there in the kitchen. My cousins and all close to the family would meet at intervals and have meetings in the central hall; some would cut jokes, mimicry, etc; we did used to have real fun. When I was a child until recently (about two decades back) the kitchen was one and now they have become around more than ten.
In India decades back it was very common to see Joint Families, wherein we would find Grand Parents, Parents, Uncles, Aunts, Sisters, Brothers, Cousins and Children from all ages to new born ones. What a wonderful set up that was. You would get opportunities to know and share love, emotions and feelings. What a tremendous secured feeling that would always give; especially to the women and children in the family.
This is for Me, You and Everyone who love their Dad. 
  • The Death came suddenly as a blow due to the Heart and breathlessness on 25th Sept 2015
  • Funeral took place on 26th among a big gathering of known people
  • Third Day rituals performed on 27th Sept 2015
  • 11th of Oct 2015 we are having a Public “SMARANOTSAVA” in which so many people shall talk on their remembrances, thereafter it shall be followed by a Music concert and Lunch.                                                            


In the Kannada, Sanskrit or any Indian Language you can form one single word using more than two or even four words at a time which would tell the meaning of all the four words. Likewise the word “Smaranotsava” above is a combination of two words- ‘Samrana’ – means remembrance and ‘Utsava’ – means festival, both in combination means a festival of remembrance.


Me, Welcoming the Guests and Introducing the Guest Speakers on the occasion.
Cabinet Minister of Karnataka State Mr. H.K.Patil addressing the gathering. He said Mr V.R.Malekopmath’s contribution to the Business Community and Society is to be taken as an example and his ideas shall always set us goals in the development of the Nation.
Renowned Business-Man and Past President Karnatak Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mr Madan Desai sharing his reminiscences of the days he spent with Shri V.R. Malekopmath, he said his blessings are always there for us and that in his thirty five years of relationship with him he never talked bad of anybody.
Son-in -Law of my Father ( Brother-in-Law to Me) Prof. N.P. Raveendranath spoke that his father-in-law had opened accounts in the hearts of people and had fixed deposits of love which he never withdrew from those accounts.
Relatives and Friends among the Audience
Audience Immersed in the on going Function
Young Friend Dr. Shekar Sajjanar in full tears, with whom he spent daily two to three hours in the past two decades or so. He said what he is now, is all because of him. Dr. Shekar is also the Commissioner for RTI.
Mr D.V.Badiger, senior literary figure, reading Poems written on my Dad. One Poem written by himself, one written by my uncle and my Poem on this post which he also translated it into Kannada language and read it.
Mr Shivaprasad S M , Scientist, from Jawaharlal Nehru Science and Research Centre, Bangalore spoke good words about his theme- “My Father’s Dear Friend Mr V.R. Malekopmath”.
Prof Niranjan Cholayya from Udupi talking about his Uncle. How he used to spend days with him during his childhood.
Of the seven Brothers of my Father the Youngest who compered the Occasion Mr. B.R.Malekopmath.