Knowledge is endless

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Knowledge is endless

Knowledge is endless
Enlightenment is anytime


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This quote is in continuity of my immediate previous post, “Enlighten Knowledge”. 

It is a fact that came to my mind while I was replying to Dahlia on her beautiful comment on that post; she is on my Follow and one of my ardent readers and a very good Blogger friend. She herself has a fantastic Blog worth a visit. Please visit Dahlia and share your ideas and experiences with her.

In regard to the quote there is so much of knowledge to be known but how much are we to know is a big question. To lead a happy life and to cater to our needs and the demands of our profession, vocation or jobs we are to acquire certain amount of knowledge. Apart from that, what is it that is needed as far as to lead a happy life. Questions arise to all – Why is this life? What is this life? For what is the purpose, that we are here, in this vast universe on a tiny planet which we call as Earth? Such are the questions which pester or bother us in life at some point of time. This has been the state of affairs not only now but since millenniums past. 

Great men have explored and have found the answers for them; so they have been called sages, saints, rishis and enlightened persons. 

Knowledge has been classified as two types. Knowledge that which is concerned to our practical day to day life and the other one is to know of our own self, thereby the secret of the existential. 

To know about the transcendental knowledge, there are various schools of thought. Philosophies that preach and mythologies proclaim of certain facts. All these do say and give answers to questions that arise. So, then, which one or to what extent are we to know of these is a big question.

 We have to be in the path. Enlightenment may happen anytime to anyone. It may take a second, a few years or so many lives.

Check the Oscillation of the Mind. 

Be a witness to the Mind.

I feel some of you are already in the path and have an inclination to the spiritual world or want to know more of the beyond. Everyone in their own way has reached to a certain extent in the path; one needs to meet someone who could show the path further, one who shall throw light upon the way. Apart from your personal study, listening to discourses and/or angel messages there are few more things on the path one can adopt.   

I give here below the links to some of the sites that may lead you to your continued studies in the wake of enlightenment.


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With the courtesy of the mentioned links:  


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The Divine Design

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The Divine Design


The Divine Design is beyond our thought process

The thought process is in the horizon of the Divine Design

Every form has a name and both of them have a design. What we see through our eyes is a design. Be it a tree, its leaves or the roots. Likewise, the human body or any body of any being is designed in such a way that it was and is formed in such a way that from its birth till its death the design is the main cause for it to live.

These forms take the help of external features mainly the basic five elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Space) which are proportionately required as per the design of its formation.

Now these forms which have also names are there on the earth, in the water and in the sky. From the minute to the galaxy are all forms spread in space. The so called living beings all have certain amount of thinking capacity by which are formed the thoughts, be it an insect, a fish, an animal or we so called human beings. By the thought process that generates from these bodies we are able to live.

Human beings go a little further to explore through the thought process as to why and how these forms are there and are made. Howmuchsoever, we think of them, it is beyond our thought process. Much has been already explored in the past few centuries and this exploration is being done since millenniums. So, the question arises, have we arrived at the final truth, that what it is? 

Which is beyond our thoughts, beyond our arguments, beyond our experience and so on, we tend to call it as ‘The Divine’   

To conclude in short The Divine has designed this which is beyond our thought process. Howsoever, whatsoever, our thoughts are, has to be and is, in the horizon of the, ‘The Divine Design’.  


As you all know I keep commenting on other blogs and those on which I am very much impressed I put some interesting thoughts, which sometimes make me interesting to think over them again, this is one which I had put as comment on Deb Cowdrey’s  post. 

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Suppress – Express

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Suppress – Express


Do not

Suppress  or  Repress


Thoughts, Love, Anger, Feelings, Emotion


Sexual Urge


Better & Good Means to