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The Divine Design

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The Divine Design


The Divine Design is beyond our thought process

The thought process is in the horizon of the Divine Design

Every form has a name and both of them have a design. What we see through our eyes is a design. Be it a tree, its leaves or the roots. Likewise, the human body or any body of any being is designed in such a way that it was and is formed in such a way that from its birth till its death the design is the main cause for it to live.

These forms take the help of external features mainly the basic five elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Space) which are proportionately required as per the design of its formation.

Now these forms which have also names are there on the earth, in the water and in the sky. From the minute to the galaxy are all forms spread in space. The so called living beings all have certain amount of thinking capacity by which are formed the thoughts, be it an insect, a fish, an animal or we so called human beings. By the thought process that generates from these bodies we are able to live.

Human beings go a little further to explore through the thought process as to why and how these forms are there and are made. Howmuchsoever, we think of them, it is beyond our thought process. Much has been already explored in the past few centuries and this exploration is being done since millenniums. So, the question arises, have we arrived at the final truth, that what it is? 

Which is beyond our thoughts, beyond our arguments, beyond our experience and so on, we tend to call it as ‘The Divine’   

To conclude in short The Divine has designed this which is beyond our thought process. Howsoever, whatsoever, our thoughts are, has to be and is, in the horizon of the, ‘The Divine Design’.  


As you all know I keep commenting on other blogs and those on which I am very much impressed I put some interesting thoughts, which sometimes make me interesting to think over them again, this is one which I had put as comment on Deb Cowdrey’s  post. 

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