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“A systematic self-training to exploit; has been the order of society”

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The same about Corruption in Haiku poetry version

Needn’t study

Self-trained to exploit

Society’s order

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So..that’s Enough

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So..that’s Enough

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A thousand bullets in the Heart

Attempt to Count

Shall add thousands more

Bodily injuries healed and gone, since

Reminiscences tell, injuries at Heart

Deep and Red hot

Covered by Ashes

Bullets sprayed by the Loved ones, and

In Society they are as much

Have torn my Heart Apart

They still shall Spray, yet

I live by the courage Installed

Shall HE extend the Age?

Bless in Perfect health

Another 100 years or two

HE shall not, I am sure

Every morning I pray, take ME away

So..that’s Enough.

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