Children’s Income

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Children’s Income

Should as Parents, ask and keep track of the children’s income?

Me! Having born and brought up in a joint Indian family with a very indifferent background and culture. Of course I now have my own nuclear family. Things in this world have changed so much that it is now incomparable to the life and style what we lived decades back. 

The education, opportunity and independence the young get today makes them earn a big sum quiet early in life, may be they might be earning more than what their own parents earn.

I shall share my thoughts, opinion and feelings in the forthcoming comments here. I only feel if you all can contribute your might in this issue it may be of help to the young, old, parents and children. A modern society that is in the making, which constitutes of various cultures, background, nations, race, religions etc; the money circulation is mind boggling. The value for money has almost lost its charm.

 I see and observe that many parents are unaware of the income of their children. When asked they seem to give a sign of no interest. Some of them have made a self pledged rule; they think they have no right to ask.

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