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Deb Cowdrey   of “Once upon a hot Flash” has showered upon me this Three Day challenge. Deb! Is a person who takes up challenges and writes daily grateful posts without missing a day. Everyone has to pat her for that, for she takes such a lot of pains to update her Blog, all for us to enjoy and learn. Although she gets very less free time she does all this for her satisfaction and happiness too. She is commendable.

I Thank Her for giving me this Challenge

Three Day Quote Challenge – Day 2

Spread Love

Love shall Spread


Can be Distributed


 In Abundance

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Quote By: Shiva Malekopmath

Here are the Rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Post a Quote for 3 consecutive days
  • Nominate 3 bloggers each day

Today’s nominees are:

Aishwarya Singh



If you have the time and would like to join in the fun, we would love to read your quotes.  There is no time frame involved, post when you are able!!  If you are unable to participate, no worries!  🙂


Shiva Malekopmath



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Infinity Image 1

Of the Billions that are there

Of the Millions that I come across

Of the Thousands that I meet and talk

Why You

I Love You

My Beloved 

Of the Trillions that You created

Of the Millions of species You formed

Of the Thousands who pray for You

Why You

 Love Me too

My Beloved 

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Distant Heart

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Distant Heart

A call from the Distant Heart
From a World Apart
Bodies that never Met
Wished wings they couldn’t Get


Minds craving to meet and Flourish
Circumstances could not Accomplish
Tears flow on each other’s Face
But with a smile in the Grace
No regrets for being Divided
Its Time that Decided
Time not in existence for Both
Into togetherness they took the Oath
Thinking of each other in Eternity
Love for one another in Entirety
Soulmates meet on Earth
In Heaven, if not, it is its Dearth
No Body required, they Meet Anywhere
No Place required, they Meet Everywhere


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Two Beloveds

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Two Beloveds

Two Awesome
I Love You
Eye Contact Brought Closer
Murmuring In Each Others Arms
Affection Was So Strong And Thick
Smelling, Cuddling, Touching, Feeling Came The Way
Olfactory, Visual, Auditory, Gustatory, Kinesthetic Senses Derived Pleasure
Time Passed By, Quarrels, Hatred, Misunderstandings, Uncompassionate Made Apart
Two Souls Realised Waiting To Reunite Until Death Bell Rang
Have Met Each Other For A Long Lasting Relationship Forever
The Waiting For Lives Gone Until Unification That Formed
Understanding Was Clear Both Of Them Could Hear
Happiness, Bliss Came All The Way Through
Senses Have No Part To Play
Prayer, Meditation, Chanting In Process
Not Seen Each Other
That Made Them
No Two

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This is a Double Etheree of Two Beloveds I hope you could understand. The Straight Etheree is on the Human “Beloved” and the Reverse Etheree is on God –“The Beloved”.



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NEIGHBOUR! Things have changed so much these days; it is difficult to know who our neighbours are. To whom should we call our neighbours? To most people on this earth in these times, life has been on the run. From the work place to back home is a tiring job and one gets retired by the day’s end to shoot back into the favourite bed. Where is the time for people around? We live in Apartments, Flats, Bungalows, Chawls, Farm Houses, Hutments, Etc; the more sophisticated ones in urban areas live in Rove-Houses, Villas and Bungalows. We do not know most of the times or we do not attempt to know who our neighbour is.Villas_in_Bangalore_Silvanakalkan-luxury-villa-for-sale-252502889047 In India and most countries, it is common to find people living in villages and townships where houses are attached one to the other with only a distinction of a wall. ChawlJhopadapatti 1 Those human beings living beside our dwelling place, whom we consider as just human beings only; I think if they were of a different species we would attempt to drive them away. download (3) In the dwellings that we live, most times we are bound to meet and interact with those people and we tend to derive problems, troubles, fights, ill behaviour, abuse of language and filthy talks rather than having friendly relationship, good ties, inviting each other on special occasions, sharing happiness and sorrows, helping each other at times of crisis and so on and so forth….. At times it may come to police intervention or filing of law suits against each other which would prolong for years and years. Ultimately to decide upon and say –“what horrible and toxic neighbour I have or am living amongst”. Almost two thousand years back, Jesus preached and he thus spake – “Love Thy Neighbour”, what he actually meant and to whom he was referring to as neighbour is now to be pondered. Did people live in the same manner as of now and behaved in the same fashion that made him speak so. Volumes might have been written on this. I am not writing anything new, I think I am only giving it a new twist. Living in the dwellings in these modern times like as I have said above. We instead made arrangements to live, separately from our neighbours. This made us live away from those people who live beside us, whom the world calls ‘neighbours’. We call it our civilised society and a developed world. Resulting in, to make a generalised statement as to –‘who is our neighbour and what love is’. That’s why Jesus’ message is as fresh, as important, as contemplating and as thought-provoking. As for now who all are doing the “Blogging 101 June 2015”, to them, Word-Press team has extended the preaching of Jesus. It is as to our approach towards our neighbours, they mean and I mean our fellow Bloggers of this world. We have lessons like this  ………..which I would not want to disclose as it is a private class only for those bloggers who are registered, but my classmates do know about them. So we ought to know and are to learn and act as to what Jesus said-“Love Thy Neighbour”. That means to say we have to be always in good connection with each other, have cordial relationship through your likes, comments and follow, spreading your horizon, meeting different people from all over the world from all walks of life, young and old. Spread LOVE throughout the ‘Blogging World’, who is your neighbour now. LONG LIVE WORDPRESS!!! Blogging 101 Emblem