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Pigeons have made their home at my factory building. While designing and constructing the building I had thought as much that the place would tomorrow be the home for birds. That has been dreams come true.

I do enjoy seeing them during mornings and evenings. Flying and coming back feeding their little ones and at nights sitting in some places in a meditative posture.

This morning one of the Pigeon had entered the administrative block from where it could not go out as the glass windows were closed, it was attempting to go out  hitting the glass panel. As I was entering office I could hear the hitting sound. Seconds past it was in the hands of my worker. My manager told me these guys take it home and eat whenever they get them. I became wild and grabbed the bird from his hand, opened the window and released the Pigeon.

The way it went flying into the air, I could see the happiness in its fly which made me happy too. The episode might have taken about 25 seconds only, but the sight of the bird flying inspired me to write these lines which I would want to share with you all.

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Like a Woodpecker hitting at the Glass

Calling for my attention as I Pass 


Grabbing it from that wicked Hand

Clasped it tight in my Hand


Eyes dwindling in Fear

Accelerated heart beats I couldn’t Bear 


Holding it in Rescue

Throwing in air it Flew 


Sigh of relief; patting its wings like never Before

Like a Roller Coaster ride, I never had Before


Except planet earth a place where can it Find

I Ponder, why can’t we be Kind 


The Pigeon enjoyed seconds of Happiness

I too enjoyed seconds of Happiness


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