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This Post Published on 14th Feb 2017



Silence of Eternity breaks into Infinitude

Nature salutes, offers conducive climate

Love Hearts meet, Broken Hearts heal

Hearing, Love enhances

Goosebumps result

Birds, Animals, Trees turn attention towards

All senses become Ear

All body joints activate to

Start a full-fledged Dance

Vocal cords vibrate creating Musical chords

Blown air transmutes Atmosphere, Ambience, Aura

Percussionist spills life from dead skin

Hands as if trembling to procreate

Finger tips play on strings to generate

Notes, Tunes

Rhymes, Rhythm, Pitch, Bass

Poets’ lyrics, emotions, imagination

Unfold, Augment into Melody

Bamboo, Drums, Pipe, Plates, Fruit Carcass, Mud Pots, Strings, Sticks

Aid to Musicality

Artists, Music Instruments form the choir

Respecting the hymn

Language barrier eliminate

Soul tunes manifest

Country borders erased

Presentation to world


Music is always a Big Healer. Poetry and Songs are written on Lovers and the Love for God and when Music is added to them it gives utmost Satisfaction, Happiness and Bliss and so also Heals.

Rest I leave to your thoughts in the Commentary. 



First Take: Music and Nature

From Humpbacks to Harvard


This is a link you can get to know of the relationship between Music and Nature just go pop over for more information it is worth the visit.

The Videos below are selected for your hearing with much efforts, see and hear them in silence to grab the most.

“Percussionist spills life from dead skin”

Rimpa Shiva









Rimpa Shiva is a Young Lady having to learn the Art of playing Tabla which is a unique feature in the Percussionist World just listen to her with patience.

Zakir Hussain 








Zakir Hussain the World Renowned Tabalji who in this video with his brother offers to tell the lessons of Tabla, just Marvelous go listen till the end. 

Shivakumar Sharma and Hariprasad Chaurasia Concert 






Both these Maestros speak through their instruments

“Blown air transmutes Atmosphere, Ambience, Aura”

“Hands as if trembling to procreate”

Lara Fabian







Meera’s Love for the Lord is being described here. Her Lover is the Lord and she goes on singing in the streets being born and brought up in a palace. SHE is in full Awe of HIM. 

Vocal cords vibrate creating Musical chords”




Hahn – Mozart – Violin Concerto 



Hands as if trembling to procreate

Finger tips play on strings to generate”

Hari Sundar Nand Mukunda – Raag Bhup – Antarnaad


“Artists, Music Instruments form the choir

Respecting the hymn”

My Dear All wishing YOU on the eve of Valentine’s Day MUSIC all through your Life

loveuary-logoRitu! here is my entry 

Here I endorse the true Love of Lovers all over the World. 


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This post was published on 11th April 2016



I see

I go astray

For I see broken hearts

Everywhere and wherever

For once they were full of Love

Shaped diamond shinning

Into pieces

Lost its grandeur

Quality not deteriorated

For still the Love persists

Hearts left alone

But full of Love

No doubt

Craving to be again

In the love

Want of response

Self pride pushing back

Wishes & Ambitions sword played

Thus broke Hearts in pieces

I stand no more

To see

Them parted

What meaning love

Shall carry

Continuance of situation

Shall inspire no one

To love in future

Hence I beg

 Give me the Cross, Jesus!Cross Image 1

Oh! Shiva! your TrishulTrishul Image 1

Or something divine

Even a stick

The Power

 Shall work

                                         For I want to be

 Healer of the Broken Hearts

Stick Image 1

Jesus's Cross in Hand 1 - Copy

 Shiva Trishul in Hand 1 - Copy

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