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ADJUST not, nor

ACCEPT, but 


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ADJUST                 ACCEPT                 ADOPT

    GOOD                                            BETTER                                          BEST

We normally find ourselves under situations where there is a change, which demands an attitude from us. So, under such circumstances what stand do we take is so very important. There are always options left as to what further actions we are to take.

A very thin line exists between these words though they sound rather the same but they are tricky. I am therefore giving the nearest synonyms to them below.

We may ADJUST to the conditions, but we will not fully agree or have something in the background of our mind that things should or would have been different.

We shall ACCEPT but still go ahead with the situation not agreeing on certain aspects.

We will ADOPT with full consent of our mind and devote to the circumstances like how we would adopt a child as our own. 

By Adopting we would be more Satisfied and Happy.


 Synonyms of ADJUST

Accommodate, Accustom, Regulate, Modify


 Synonyms of ACCEPT

Obtain, Acquire, Welcome


 Synonyms of ADOPT

Adapt, Appropriate, Endorse, Embrace

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Zappy Zappy Guy Happy Happy Gal

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Zappy Zappy Guy Happy Happy Gal

Who is Nutty Nutty

Everyone says Not Not

By the Naughty Naughty

Now are all Taught Taught

Hustle and Bustle of town

Crossing  Bumpy Bumpy roads

Putting in Jumpy Jumpy  state

Having no Shackle Shackle

So one Crackle Crackle

Zappy Zappy guy

Happy Happy gal


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Knowledge is endless

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Knowledge is endless

Knowledge is endless
Enlightenment is anytime


Image Courtesy: Waking Times

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This quote is in continuity of my immediate previous post, “Enlighten Knowledge”. 

It is a fact that came to my mind while I was replying to Dahlia on her beautiful comment on that post; she is on my Follow and one of my ardent readers and a very good Blogger friend. She herself has a fantastic Blog worth a visit. Please visit Dahlia and share your ideas and experiences with her.

In regard to the quote there is so much of knowledge to be known but how much are we to know is a big question. To lead a happy life and to cater to our needs and the demands of our profession, vocation or jobs we are to acquire certain amount of knowledge. Apart from that, what is it that is needed as far as to lead a happy life. Questions arise to all – Why is this life? What is this life? For what is the purpose, that we are here, in this vast universe on a tiny planet which we call as Earth? Such are the questions which pester or bother us in life at some point of time. This has been the state of affairs not only now but since millenniums past. 

Great men have explored and have found the answers for them; so they have been called sages, saints, rishis and enlightened persons. 

Knowledge has been classified as two types. Knowledge that which is concerned to our practical day to day life and the other one is to know of our own self, thereby the secret of the existential. 

To know about the transcendental knowledge, there are various schools of thought. Philosophies that preach and mythologies proclaim of certain facts. All these do say and give answers to questions that arise. So, then, which one or to what extent are we to know of these is a big question.

 We have to be in the path. Enlightenment may happen anytime to anyone. It may take a second, a few years or so many lives.

Check the Oscillation of the Mind. 

Be a witness to the Mind.

I feel some of you are already in the path and have an inclination to the spiritual world or want to know more of the beyond. Everyone in their own way has reached to a certain extent in the path; one needs to meet someone who could show the path further, one who shall throw light upon the way. Apart from your personal study, listening to discourses and/or angel messages there are few more things on the path one can adopt.   

I give here below the links to some of the sites that may lead you to your continued studies in the wake of enlightenment.


Image Courtesy: Uplift 

With the courtesy of the mentioned links:  


Why Spiritual Growth Does Not Lead to Enlightenment

Signs of Enlightement

Things on the Path to Enlightenment

The Supreme Character of Jada Bharata

Jada Bharata a self Realized Soul



Dragon’s Loyalty Award

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Dragon's Loyalty Award

Dragon’s Loyalty Award

Erika Kind!
A beautiful woman from the Liechtenstein (between Austria and Switzerland) a daughter, a wife, a sister, a mother, a novelist, a writer, a poet, a beautician who undertakes the following, massages and has products with essential oils, spiritual healing, Matrix transformation and an avid Blogger and on top of that my great friend in the Virtual World.
Erika is the name of a flower, it has other meanings also, one is Ever Queen and Ever Powerful, you may refer for more details if you want. She was on a holiday when she gave me this Award and was blogging from wherever she went, kudos to her. Kind is her surname but I feel she is very KIND at heart also.
To tell you more about her; she has written four books –‘I am Free!!!’ Is one among them.  It is already on the stalls and is been a best seller already. No sooner I see it in the stalls anywhere in India I shall buy it. It seems to be a touch on the spiritual side of all of us. You may buy it and read it and pass comments to her. The link to her blog: https://erikakind.wordpress.com/
She has given a stunning interview to my friend Mr. Ngobesing Romanus at Success Inspirer you can refer it at this link. http://yoursuccessinspirer.com/2015/11/30/74782/
In an interview such questions should be asked to dig the in-depth and profound answers to those questions are in this particular interview.  You go read the interview you shall come to know.
She has presented me this Dragon’s Loyalty Award months back and I had promised her I would respond to her by this post. I was overwhelmed when I received this message of hers but could not respond immediately, as I have my own reasons for that. I don’t fuss on posting Award posts unlike some bloggers have put sign boards that their blogs are Award Free. Some do not accept at all, some accept but do not write Award Posts, some have an averse on those, some do not even respond or say thanks, OMG! But I personally feel this Award thing in the blogosphere is a fine act and should be considered as a ritual. One gives, one takes and then again one gives, what a wonderful act. After all it is in recognition.
This Award was initiated by …. … I wanted to write about them and explored about it but could not get the source. This is given to those who are loyal to you, that means people who visit your Blog regularly and read, like and pass comments on your Blog and who have become good friends in this Virtual World. I do not know why the Dragon picture or name is given to this; I explored about it but could not get any answer. May be centuries back the dragons’ used to be very loyal.
I thank Erika once again for awarding me this.

The Award requires to tell five random fact about me

I Love Swimming, when ever I see water in which I could swim, I shall never try to loose the chance.

I wanted to be an Actor, should I say a Film-Star. I did act in many Dramas in the Lead role always.

It is the Quality that matters to me rather than the Quantity.

Who is Who that does not matter to me, its I that Matters.

Life is a Journey and I believe in it.

Award Rules

  • Accept the award with thanks.
  • Give your readers 5 facts about you.
  • Nominate other bloggers and let them know.

I nominate the Following Bloggers who have been very, very loyal to me and have given all the encouragement, they have been visiting my Blog often and have commented on most of my Posts.

Thanks to them, go read them and put them in your basket.







Hariod Brawn






Raashi Hasteer








I feel, make this Award Presenting and Receiving a Ritual. As for now we do not have anything else to get recognised or to recognise others whom we have come across. I mean, in this BLOG WORLD.