Shower Happiness

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Shower Happiness

Potted Plant Flowers

Child Brought Up Flying Colours

Shower Happiness

While writing this Haiku the following thoughts came into my mind, if you can give time to read, it I think you shall understand it fully.

I have got so many potted plants in my house garden and my wife keeps updating them. It is such a thing, you have to keep updating them to make the plants live healthily. Almost on a daily basis your eyes and hands have to work on them. Seeing to their growth; watering, cutting, dressing, plucking and re-potting them at intervals. Patience and Energy required.

Its almost like bringing up a child. At home we feel so, and accordingly take care. When these plants grow and show up you feel so happy. The pots were actually five hundred in number, now I think they have reduced to around three hundred odd, as several pots broke. So, I keep saying I have another hundreds of children to take care.

We, the other day re-potted our plants, within a few days the Jasmine plant grew so well and has given such beautiful flowers which you are seeing in the picture. It is just beside my bed near the window, it gives the Jasmine fragrance. I was surprised to see the flower petals; I counted the petals they are from 18 to almost 27 in number in one flower. Usually they do not give so many petals as I have seen so many Jasmine plants.

These Jasmine flowers are used for our Pooja to offer to the Gods and as you know women in India use them to decorate their hair dress.

It’s the same case with children. A child when born we take such a lot of care to up bring it, I need not give any details about it as everyone does it. After they grow to be young adults and show up and come out with flying colours one feels so happy about their achievements. The efforts and love given to them has come in return, don’t we feel so as parents. Otherwise what we expect from our children. We as parents do not expect them to bring money for us isn’t? The laurels, the love and the achievements they bring are sufficient.

I am happy to tell you that I have two daughters, the elder one is a Software Engineer and is now working in a MNC, and the younger one shall become a Doctor as she has joined medicine.  

Enough for now, if this post shall bring and give something to all readers I am done with it.

Thanks so Much for your visit, likes and comments.

DSCN1768 - Copy Final.JPG
This Jasmine plant so small but has yielded so many flowers
Bringing Up Child Images 1
Caring for the New Born


DSCN1769 - Copy Final
All our re-potted Plants arranged in order


Bringing Up Child Images 2


Growing Child Pics 2

DSCN1774 Final
This is another variety of Jasmine Plant. Its a Creeper Plant and Showers Hundreds of Flowers on a daily basis. The whole area is full of Jasmine fragrance during the season.






















DSCN1796 - Copy
We have provided the Dogs with Old Tyre & Sand to Sleep

DSCN1800 - Copy

        These Dogs I Brought them from the Streets when they were Puppies, having them with us and making them grow with love they are now showering happiness. At home they are three and I have one more ( Name is Topsy) at my factory who never goes  anywhere and comes running and sits or sleeps besides me.



DSCN1808 - Copy
Their Names are : GANU, PANTHO, CHUKKI  The name Ganu is because I got him on the street during Ganesh Festival, Pantho is because he is black and looks like a Black Panther, Chukki is because it has two spots on her forehead. ( In Kannada Language spot means chukki) that is why the names. 
DSCN1814 - Copy
A Watchful Eye Always especially other Dogs should not come in Sight



DSCN1788 - Copy Final.JPG



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Pigeon Image 1.png



Pigeons have made their home at my factory building. While designing and constructing the building I had thought as much that the place would tomorrow be the home for birds. That has been dreams come true.

I do enjoy seeing them during mornings and evenings. Flying and coming back feeding their little ones and at nights sitting in some places in a meditative posture.

This morning one of the Pigeon had entered the administrative block from where it could not go out as the glass windows were closed, it was attempting to go out  hitting the glass panel. As I was entering office I could hear the hitting sound. Seconds past it was in the hands of my worker. My manager told me these guys take it home and eat whenever they get them. I became wild and grabbed the bird from his hand, opened the window and released the Pigeon.

The way it went flying into the air, I could see the happiness in its fly which made me happy too. The episode might have taken about 25 seconds only, but the sight of the bird flying inspired me to write these lines which I would want to share with you all.

Pigeon Image 2 - Copy Cropped



Like a Woodpecker hitting at the Glass

Calling for my attention as I Pass 


Grabbing it from that wicked Hand

Clasped it tight in my Hand


Eyes dwindling in Fear

Accelerated heart beats I couldn’t Bear 


Holding it in Rescue

Throwing in air it Flew 


Sigh of relief; patting its wings like never Before

Like a Roller Coaster ride, I never had Before


Except planet earth a place where can it Find

I Ponder, why can’t we be Kind 


The Pigeon enjoyed seconds of Happiness

I too enjoyed seconds of Happiness


Pigeon Image 4 - Copy CroppedPigeon Image 3