GOD Met Me (series) Part 1

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Images of God and Man 2

GOD Met Me (series) Part 1

Vibrant body, light in brilliance coming my way

Furious like a storm, angelic perception emerged to meet

Puzzled appearance caused arduous task of knowing what

In the form, gauging enormous things, in awe of their presence

Surveillance suggest, specify of a king, a beggar, a beautiful woman, an ugly man, landscape of nature and a mini universe

Close quartered looks, in aghast came the query – Who are you?

I am GOD – the voice in high and low decibels of sound to make as if the universe to listen

Stunned when heard, further requests came answers – Am the formless now in form

In amazement of a perception, of a miracle and a revelation, inquiry inevitable from me

 Thus the sweet voice: My Lad! Am the Master – The Almighty as your world addresses, have come to meet you

Me in full tears, clasped and enveloped into, being cuddled

Images of God and Man 1.jpg


I chose the other way instead, made ‘God met Me’. You know why, because he is all pervasive, immaculate, egoless, full of love, forgiving and you know what not, only such a being would attempt to meet a tiny as Me.
It is a talk between Me and Him, you will know as you go on reading. Wishing you Happy Read.
I have made it in series of 3 parts as it is a long read, shall publish in a week all the 3 parts one by one. I request all my readers to read it fully, enjoy and contribute your thoughts so as to reach HIM too.
I am also happy to inform that this fortunately happens to be my 100th Post.  I take the opportunity to thank from the bottom of my heart to all my readers, who have been a source of inspiration and energy to me. 

One Dust Particle

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One Dust Particle!

Millions, Trillions

Cosmos fits in

Planets, Stars, Moons, Suns

Living, Dead

Imagination spells enormous

Size Capacity Vastness

Spell bound when known


One Dust Particle! One Dust Particle!! One Dust Particle!!!


Close Earth Looks

Human Behaviour

Engrossed & Involved

Pride Ego Play

Act Big, Feel Big

   In Time & Space

Being on Earth

Infinity Says


One Dust Particle! One Dust Particle!! One Dust Particle!!!


Human Act

 Against Nature

Birds Trees Animals Life

Millenniums Past

In tune with Nature

All living backed by

 One Source, One Energy

In the Cosmos

Oh! Human Remember!!!


One Dust Particle! One Dust Particle!! One Dust Particle!!!


Millions, Trillions

Cells in Body

Reverse Thought

Close Observation & Study

Science shows

Minutest Particles

Deeper exploration

Found Atom, Protons, Neutrons

Spell again Infinity

Me being One, on


One Dust Particle! One Dust Particle!! One Dust Particle!!!

Images of Cosmos 1.jpg

Images of Cosmos 2.jpg

Images of Cosmos 3.jpg

Images of Cosmos 4.jpg



All Images from Google Cosmos Images