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Creeper! Everybody knows of the creeper plant which grows in all gardens, farms, road sides and forests. Poor thing it has very less strength to stand up and show its stature, it needs something to support it and with that dependence it grows, makes and shows its stand and presence.

This is one more living being which sets an example. After all what is that, it is just a creeper, what’s so great about it? Its true, one feels to say so. But there is something here to be pondered.

Now, first let us explore the silent features of the creeper. It requires very little land to take its birth. It does not expect much of a care to grow big. It does not have a sturdy stem to erect and stand straight or inclined. It is of innumerable variety. It may grow as edible leaves. It may produce a vegetable. It generates flowers, for medicinal purposes, or just good looking beautiful ones. Its greatest weakness and also at the same time the strongest quality which we find in very, very few living things; this is though a contradiction, but its true, that is, its basic element, it is the support on which it exhibits itself as a Living Thing.

Now, I would not like to compare a Human to the Creeper, although humans are having so many qualities of a creeper. If we can understand the life of a creeper, our lives could be much nicer and finer. For that matter we humans do depend on many people and things; from our birth till death. Mother, Father, Siblings, Friends, Teacher and the whole Society at large; are those living things we want. Water, Fire, Air, Petrol, Electric Power, Metals, and what not, how many things can I mention, you know more than me I suppose.

But for a creeper, how much does it expect, just one support that only gives us the example. If its growing in the direction that we do not want, we cut it, it then tries to grow in the way where it gets another support. We can make it grow, and give a support, be it a stick, a pillar, a wall, a wire, or anything that we want to make it look better and beautiful. It can be groomed like a child is groomed and protected by the Parents. As it grows bigger it will show its beauty that we wanted it to become.

We are now to identify what are our great weaknesses and strong points. How can we make our lives better and successful?

Bodily Weak! Putting the mind at work on something else shall help and build it strong like the creeper. The creeper becomes stronger day by day as it grows with the available support.

Not happy with the subject of your education, change it to the one which you like the most, like how the creeper finds the best way to take the support.

Not happy with the place you are living or profession you are doing, its most of the time inevitable, but taking the support of something or someone, I mean exploring the support, that also can overcome. Watch the creeper carefully, it does so.

Come what may or say that it has already come, think of the creeper. That shall solve and place before you the answer.

The behaviour of the human mind is to seek an excuse, any possible excuse for not to grow in competence, compassion, compatibility ….so on and so forth. But the creeper shall not say so, it finds ways and means, how competent it is and that it can be. In some cases it grows so well that it overpowers the one on which it has grown.

It depends though, but its free to grow and live.

That’s making Life Loveable, Peaceful and Successful.

The Creator has given so many such Creations to know and learn from.


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