It is the Family that comes first

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It is the Family that comes first

A child is born and from that moment it acquires a family. The family, we all know, constitutes of Father, Mother, Husband, Wife, Sons, Daughters, Grand Parents, Siblings, Uncles, Aunts, Nephews and Cousins.  We all grow in such a social set up; we slowly acquire other relationships – neighbors, community, schoolmates and friends in general by passing of the age.  These people keep changing or the contact and intimacy diminishes as time passes by. Very rare, at circumstances, are few persons in life, continue to be good friends and continue to be in contact and maintain that age old intimacy.

We find very often, meeting friends and other relations after a long time gap, maybe it might be in terms of years or decades for that matter. We meet, talk of our good times mostly, have a laugh or a smile, have a cup of coffee or lunch and again disappear. We never know when we shall meet them again. So this relationship is mostly short lived.

So, it is the family that is always with us in contact right from birth till death. No matter the age old tradition of joint family, it has almost lost its identity. But the relation which comes through blood has a deeper value and compassion. Be it in India, America, Britain, Brazil, China, Australia, Japan, Ireland or any land.

Bad times are the real test of each and every relationship. I find that it is the immediate family that comes first. It is the first to be counted. It is also taken for granted. It is also expected and accepted of. Whatsoever hardships and strained ties one has; those are forgotten, if not forever, at least for the time being when there is chaos in the family.

It may be that someone is suffering from serious illness and has been admitted to hospital, be it an accident, operation or something. It is the family that comes first. Even the hospital people expect the family to be there by the side. It is the family who are informed of the death first. So, it is the family that comes first.

By writing this post I would only want to make know and plead that it is always good as far as possible to maintain cordial relationship with the family first. An outsider is always an outsider. I do not underestimate the relationship one has maintained with an outsider, the love and compassion they share is to be appreciated, and at times they are the ones who also come first. But it is then an individual experience worth applause.

My Dear All, please share your experiences and thoughts, I know it varies from individual to individual. But the fact is “It is the Family that comes first”.

Malala in Hospital Image 1.jpeg

Malala while in Hospital 

Family Visits Grand Father Image 1.jpg

Grand Old Man in Hospital with Family

Bill Young in Hospital Image 1.jpg

 Congressman Bill Young with full Family