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Wealth! How much does one want? I keep pondering over this thought. I ponder, and its not a compulsion that everybody should ponder it. Say! If everybody would ponder what would it be like. Here goes what I would like to say.

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Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee in Parliament

Our Great Prime Minister of India & One of the Greatest Human beings Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee once told in the Parliament_         “Ek Aadmi Ko Jineke Liye Kitna Chahiye”– it means, ‘for one to live this life, how much does one require’. He was telling it in the parliament of the largest democratic country in the world and that too when he was in the ruling Party. In terms of money; how much shall one require to lead a life in this modern world? I don’t say that one should not have lots of money or property. I am not a socialist or a communist. My thinking does not match to them at all. I do not blame the capitalists either, in a way; they are the one who run this world. Because it is the investor who makes people work and give employment. Unless employing the money to work, the economy will not grow.

Earnings from other sources – by illegal means, corrupt practices, dishonest methods, kick backs, swindling government funds, cheating & fraudulent means. Such an earning style may give the person a few hundred rupees to millions of dollars and that too within no time.Rupees Image

In today’s world there are so many thousands of options for one to earn; he can earn a good some in comparatively less time, provided he puts his sincere efforts and commitment to what he is doing. He can earn so much, that he can live a comfortable life.

But, why in many people, there has come a trend to possess wealth by other methods as mentioned above. The percentage of such people is increasing by the day. It seems Honesty has no place among the people at the helm, if such is the situation, the young would continue to do worst things as they grow older and become responsible citizens.  

There is a term in English –“Filthy Rich” & “Stinking Rich”- a large per cent of people want to be so, and they have made them the ideal. When such are the ideals; man would find those means.

Today in our newspaper an ordinary clerk in a government department has been raided. They have found more than 70 crores of rupees worth gold and cash. There have been continuous raids like this, where we find officials making property in real estates which goes to crores of rupees. It seems a high profile IAS (Indian Administrative Service) officer had 500 bank accounts. Now, what to say of Politicians, Bureaucrats and some Business people having thousands of crores of rupees or millions of dollars, which shall amount to billions of dollars in total; by which a country can be run and its economy could have bettered.

A petty robber- a pick-pocket or a necklace snatcher when caught by the police would be punished and beaten to almost death in the custody. He might even be sentenced to a few months or years in jail. Which is that constitution and law of a country that could give the quantum of punishment; when compared to the petty robber to those who swindle and rob the money of the people.   

Dollar ImageIf the money kept idle for long it should stink in real terms; like a man’s body if not taken bath for long it starts smelling and a dead man’s corpse will stink so much that you would not want to keep it for a second. The same thing should have been there for money also, if kept idle for long, it should start stinking. Then Money stashed in Swiss banks and elsewhere; kept idle; if it would really stink, then the bank authorities would ask the account holders to take away the money. It may sound foolish, silly or idiotic and funny, but is it not the money of the people that has been kept there. If that could be a reality the idle money would not find a place anywhere.

Such money would find its way into the pockets of undesired people. In Hindi language there goes a saying –                “Paapi Ka Maal Chandal Khaya” it means- “the Sinners Wealth is eaten by the Scoundrels”.                                          In Kannada language there is a saying – “Kotiddu Tanage Bachitiddu Pararege” it means “What we give, it comes to us, what we hide goes to others”. Now, who is to tell this to those who want millions and billions; will they enjoy all that during their life time? Is life so long? That it could be enjoyed and finished.

 It is true; to live a good comfortable life in these modern times, lot of money is needed. Lot of money can be earned through proper means; there is no dearth of it.   

Why adopt illegal, short-cut dishonest means!!! ???

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