GOD Met Me (series) Part 1

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GOD Met Me (series) Part 1

Vibrant body, light in brilliance coming my way

Furious like a storm, angelic perception emerged to meet

Puzzled appearance caused arduous task of knowing what

In the form, gauging enormous things, in awe of their presence

Surveillance suggest, specify of a king, a beggar, a beautiful woman, an ugly man, landscape of nature and a mini universe

Close quartered looks, in aghast came the query – Who are you?

I am GOD – the voice in high and low decibels of sound to make as if the universe to listen

Stunned when heard, further requests came answers – Am the formless now in form

In amazement of a perception, of a miracle and a revelation, inquiry inevitable from me

 Thus the sweet voice: My Lad! Am the Master – The Almighty as your world addresses, have come to meet you

Me in full tears, clasped and enveloped into, being cuddled

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I chose the other way instead, made ‘God met Me’. You know why, because he is all pervasive, immaculate, egoless, full of love, forgiving and you know what not, only such a being would attempt to meet a tiny as Me.
It is a talk between Me and Him, you will know as you go on reading. Wishing you Happy Read.
I have made it in series of 3 parts as it is a long read, shall publish in a week all the 3 parts one by one. I request all my readers to read it fully, enjoy and contribute your thoughts so as to reach HIM too.
I am also happy to inform that this fortunately happens to be my 100th Post.  I take the opportunity to thank from the bottom of my heart to all my readers, who have been a source of inspiration and energy to me. 

Two Beloveds

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Two Beloveds

Two Awesome
I Love You
Eye Contact Brought Closer
Murmuring In Each Others Arms
Affection Was So Strong And Thick
Smelling, Cuddling, Touching, Feeling Came The Way
Olfactory, Visual, Auditory, Gustatory, Kinesthetic Senses Derived Pleasure
Time Passed By, Quarrels, Hatred, Misunderstandings, Uncompassionate Made Apart
Two Souls Realised Waiting To Reunite Until Death Bell Rang
Have Met Each Other For A Long Lasting Relationship Forever
The Waiting For Lives Gone Until Unification That Formed
Understanding Was Clear Both Of Them Could Hear
Happiness, Bliss Came All The Way Through
Senses Have No Part To Play
Prayer, Meditation, Chanting In Process
Not Seen Each Other
That Made Them
No Two

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This is a Double Etheree of Two Beloveds I hope you could understand. The Straight Etheree is on the Human “Beloved” and the Reverse Etheree is on God –“The Beloved”.


Know Known Knower

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Know Known Knower

Know The Known Becomes Knowledge
Knowledge Becomes The Known To Know
Know The Known Knows The Knower
Quote By: Shiva Malekopmath

It may take just 10 Seconds to read these three lines.

Contemplate them.

To Fathom out, it may just happen now or it may take days, years or several lives too.

Already several hundred lives might have gone and several shall come.

So read slowly and carefully now in this Life.

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To Whom

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To Whom

He shall bow to Thee

To Whom shall He

When He becomes the Almighty

Quote By: Shiva Malekopmath


Good! Meditate Upon!!!

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