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Going Further and Further
The Paths, get Clearer and Clearer
Going Deeper and Deeper
Into Yourself, You Disappear and Disappear
Quote By: Shiva Malekopmath

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You have been coming and going
Yes! Since I was a Child
You show me what I want
Sometimes what I don’t
Even sometimes horrifying scenes
I see my own self in varied circumstances
It makes me feel happy & enjoy
It makes me feel bad & sorrowful
You know of all things I think & do
 You know even my secrets
Hidden in a corner of my Heart
You make them manifested
Are they Real?
Yes! They are, when I keep seeing them
Suddenly they vanish
Are they any stories?
Half told & incomplete
Switching from one scene to the other
With no connection to each other
Bringing all into a confusion

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Every morning to Get Up & feel
Who are You?
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Oh! You are my Dream!!!

Know Known Knower

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Know Known Knower

Know The Known Becomes Knowledge
Knowledge Becomes The Known To Know
Know The Known Knows The Knower
Quote By: Shiva Malekopmath

It may take just 10 Seconds to read these three lines.

Contemplate them.

To Fathom out, it may just happen now or it may take days, years or several lives too.

Already several hundred lives might have gone and several shall come.

So read slowly and carefully now in this Life.

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The Etymology and The Dialect of Sir!

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The Etymology and The Dialect of Sir!

The British! In every country where they have ruled, the British have left their traits in such a way that it reflects on the Culture, Language, Laws and day to day living of the people of those countries where they have ruled and left. They are now known as colonial countries. For that matter India is also called as colonial; a colony of the British, French and Portuguese. But the British had a larger share of their rule and that’s why their roots are still strong and deep.
I just take on one Word ‘SIR’- the etymology and how its being pronounced now in India – the dialect.
The study of the origin of words & the way in which their meanings have changed throughout the world
A particular form of a language which is peculiar to a specific region or social group.
regional language, local language, local tongue, local speech, local parlance, variety of language;
To know more about this and the words, you may refer these links.
The word Sir, now being used all over the world to write business, official & personal letters too; in which we start with the letters Sir in addressing the person to whom we are writing the letter. Its being used to address a person of high esteem or just call him as a person senior in age, cadre, intellectual, education; or even to a stranger.
In India the same word is used for the same purposes to address a person with due respect. You can imagine it and pronounce it as per the spelling given below and literally it is being pronounced like that. It means the same and it carries the same weight and the person being addressed also shall not mistake; there lies the fun.
Now, let us have some fun here, I give below the spellings of the word; see the dialect.

You can add to the list if you know other ways of calling for Sir, let the alphabets be different but it should address the word Sir!

It could have been better if I could show you how people pronounce it through a video. But I am sure all my readers are clever and can imagine it.

Don’t you feel its Funny and Enjoyable?

Pronunciation and Dialect

Fountain of Bliss

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Fountain of Bliss

Closed Eyes Close the World


The Fountain of Bliss shall be





Quote By: Shiva Malekopmath

Mediatate! Meditate!! Meditate!!! Upon

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To Whom

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To Whom

He shall bow to Thee

To Whom shall He

When He becomes the Almighty

Quote By: Shiva Malekopmath


Good! Meditate Upon!!!

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MY 100

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MY 100

Centenarian birthday candles. (Photo by

100! Its been an overwhelming joy for me to express that I have earned 100 follows on my Blog. I started this blog hardly six months back with absolutely no knowledge of the blogging world. I am proud to inform that my knowledge of working on a computer has been multi-folded now. I can say I can now develop a website.

Being on the computer day in and out; the online connection, the network and everything behind it is worth to be given applause. Especially in the Blog World; WordPress is contributing its might and all people at its helm & people who are contributing to its going and making it a big success are worth millions of Pats. I personally and on behalf of all Bloggers congratulate them.

The design, working and construction of the Blog are so well planned and thought over. I see they strive to improve upon them on a daily basis. All, who provide the Themes, are to be thanked. My salutations to you ALL; my Dearest Friends!

Getting 100 Follows; the first one being Isabella Morgan ( the 100th Erika Kind ( is a roller coaster ride for me. I basically not like to express the word Follower and I avoid as far as possible to use it. As the word Follower gives a different meaning too; and I am no God-Man to have followers around me. Instead I try and use the words Follow , Following etc; cause its an act of relationship which is very much mutual. The respect one commands from both the sides. I feel it should be like that.

I can only say, who all are on my Follow to-day are those who are the best and who really have blogging stuff. Even I, when I follow I am bit selective and choose the best, who are contributing happiness and knowledge across the world. We are all doing a yeomen service and creating history.

Like in this real world; I have experienced Good & Bad feelings even in the blogging World; I think it has all to be set aside and only thought should be, to be happy and make others happy. That could only be done by sprinkling LOVE into this World.

My sincere thanks to all of You who are on my Follow & to those who shall be one in future.

One more thing I would like to inform is; I have made a Self-Proclaimed rule of Following those who Follow Me, I do not give time to give My Follow, I may visit their Blog and also put a Comment there. Only thing I should have been online. Sometimes it may so happen that for some time or very rarely it may take days for me to visit and follow as I might have been busy elsewhere.

I have seen in this blogging world that some bloggers do not respond at all, you visit them, you may have put a like or a comment or even you may have Followed them, they just keep mum or care a hell. It irritates, and my blood gets boiling, what they can do, its my mistake and my blood having gone there. I keep saying to myself –Oh! Poor Me!!!

Here goes our Journey in TOGETHERNESS.

I dedicate this Post to All the 100 follows, who are like Stars on my shoulder belt.

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