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                                             Date: 10/4/2015


In Delhi! Assuming office after the historical verdict, AAP- the party, seems to be busy sweeping its own office. The party should have got set gone and should have been busy in the administration of the state. Not even 45 days are complete; the attitude of the people at the helm is no different, rather it is worst. In this process of sweeping it doesn’t seem to realise that jewels, diamonds and precious things are also being thrown in the dust-bin.

Not only Delhi, the whole country knows who and how the party came into existence, why was it given a chance, so on and so forth. I do not understand; does that happen only in India; you are given the power and you show your back to one who gave it to you. The people are forgotten. The objectives just remain as they are; waiting for execution. In such a scenario ‘the vote for recall’ would work. What Anna Hazare was fighting for and proposed to bring it into practice. Given the opportunity, the voters would show their might and again give a befitting verdict, the numbers ratio may make everybody to raise their eyebrows as it had done in the recent election. 67:3.

The below script or words had come from my head with such speed; immediately after the Delhi Electoral verdict in the month of February 2015. But somehow I was not able to publish it in any media and my Blog was not in existence then, it had remained in my ‘Jewel Box‘, I was reluctant to post it on the Blog as it would be irrelevant, because time has passed by and the changes at Delhi would make it stale news.

But, I now want it to be known by my readers, just to have a comparative study of what changes happen. And for us Bloggers it would be a study of both the write-ups. What a dramatic reversal of the scene. What a super blow on the cheeks of people of Delhi. Will they forget? They observe silently. They will show what they are during the next election. But, till then, what about them and the country, where do they propose to take.Question is where is the party heading to? Such a lot of money and time is being wasted in the inner quarrels.

It is a laughing matter to say: Aam Admi Party (AAP) becomes Arvind Alone Party (AAP), its not me who is saying this, its the media and may be the people also.

Arvind Kejriwal! Parshant Bhushan! Yogendra Yadav! Are you listening!!!!!!!!!!!!

I put below this write-up as a Postscript to this POST.

                                                                                                                                  Date:  10/2/ 2015


In Delhi! Much before all the dirt of Delhi was swept and attempts made by the public in the high profile call for clean India _ “The Swach Bharat Abhiyan”; Aam AadmiParty has cleaned the political arena of Delhi. The verdict of the Delhi elections is the outcome of the messy atmosphere that was to be cleaned up. It’s the trumpet call for the rest of the country and especially the major and regional political parties. There are various reasons for the storming victory of the party which sends a warning message to the other so called political parties of its behavior and commitment. The verdict in itself warns the AAP also as to its own conduct in future. The mandate has delivered multiple lessons to all in politics in the country as a whole. In the number game all predictions have proved wrong either be among the media, parties or the people. That was a great surprise to the country and even to the AAP. This will go as a red lettered political history.

The verdict tells us that there is a common man in every man. Just to remember the recent death of Shri R.K.Laxman the great cartoonist, how the whole country silently mourned for him only because he was the only cartoonist who said about the common man in his cartoonish lines for almost half a century. The whole scenario is enough to know about the fact that there is a living common man in every person.

The Kiran Bedi episode has cost BJP dearer and maybe has made even her to repent, having deserted her party. The childish like talk of hers during the elections and even after the verdict shows her immature and unseasoned political stature. The demonstration of lack of leaders in the BJP in Delhi contributed to the sweep which they would dare not to do in future. The walk in of so many AAP leaders in the BJP has made them squeeze their own hands of having left their party. The confusion created among BJP party workers the so called committed Karyakartas in the BJP, the undue importance given to the guys and gals who have just walked in sidelined the karyakartas, made them silent spectators or work with vengeance.

The indifferent attitude of the people of Delhi has again proved that they are indifferent. It is evident when seen in the past few decades they have always shown their indifference, when in the country the others had given a change in the various election mandates, some had given clear mandates to regional parties in so many states and had given chance to BJP, JDS,JDU,NCP,PPP,TDP,Trinimool,Assom Gana Parishat,Jarkhand Mukti Morcha,Akali Dal ,Telangana etc; they still sticked to congress as if they would deliver the goods. Now they have kept all their stakes in AAP.

The innumerable warnings and alarms given to congress were not heard of; that resulted to offer them a Big Zero. The arrogance and overbearance of the BJP were not called for; to them it was not worthy of doing the act as they themselves are yet to substantiate their worth. The number 3 has shown them much earlier to change their attitudes.

Kejriwal’s resignation as CM was at that time looked down upon. But now it has contributed to him enormously. The mind of the voter has given room to psychological explorations. Whatever that might be explored it may still be incomplete, cause the voters’ mind is breezy and unpredictable. See the ridiculous ratio 67:3.

The involvement of the young Turks in AAP has shown as to what the young people of India want from the politics and governance. It was seen that all faces in AAP were new and most of them young, keeping the elders at a distance as if they were unwanted. The barring of entry of older slots from other parties proved right. The whispering in their ears that there is no entertainment here was absolute.   The might and competence of the young gave a justification to AAPs success.

The slums and poverty in Delhi seen from the naked eyes and through media is a shame of political governance. Delhi being the capital of the country in such a state of chaos even after 68 years of independence; something somebody has to do about it. Will the new governance do?

The phrases like … “AK 67”, “sirf AAP baki sub saf”,etc; etc; were overwhelmingly received and enjoyed by the people.


    JoHanna Massey said:
    December 17, 2015 at 2:03 pm

    Well said. And so deeply felt. Your love for your country is so deep.


    Tony said:
    September 7, 2016 at 1:52 pm

    ‘does that happen only in India; you are given the power and you show your back to one who gave it to you. The people are forgotten.’…. I know that you know the answer to this one Shiva. Reverse it… is there a single government in the whole wide world who puts the people first? Why do we ever believe it may happen? Let’s remember though, India spawned Mohandas Ghandi…

    Liked by 1 person

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