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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ghostwriter.”

                                                                 GIVEN A CHANCE

Thanks WordPress ! For making me think and scratch my head as to who should write my biography. Whao!! The Ghostwriter!!!
Well I had never thought I wanted anybody to write my biography. Given a Chance, I thought for sometime and have now concluded that let it be one who is dead and one who is my contemporary, one who is from the west and one who is from the east.
Shakespeare, I feel could write much better because my life is full of varied interesting things and that he would understand all of them carefully and put them on paper. He will make my biography look artistic, which my life is all about.
Shobha De a contemporary writer from India could do justice. She is intelligent and analyses things properly as my life needs to be understood in the right perspective. She will open up all pages of my life and present them to the world.
So, if I sign a contract with them to write my biography, from that moment onwards till my death, I will make my life interesting for them to write. Because I would be discussing matters with them about so many things and that I also would contribute to make them successful.
These two writers could make my low profile life a high profile celebrity. Thanks to them also for making me at least think that my biography could turn out to be a sensational hit and ME becoming a celebrity overnight.  Oh!! What a feeling that it is!
See me from the Ghostwriter’s angle, Please!!!!!!!!!
Shiva Malekopmath
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You have come all the way , May be crossing Seven Oceans , Mountains and Forests, would you not want to say something instead of going Bare Handed.........

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