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Death! In the aftermath of the suspicious death of Indian Administrative Service (IAS) Officer there has been overwhelming response from the public and also the political opposition parties. Shri D.K.Ravi aged 36 of the 2009 batch who hails from a remote village from the Tumkur District of Karnataka, India, is a farmer’s son. On Monday the 16th March 2015 at around 10.30 am as he started his duty and after finishing his meeting with some officers he left to home which is on the ninth floor of his apartment building at 12 noon to end up his life, which raises suspicion. The mysterious story starts from there.

He hit the headlines and had become popular as Deputy Commissioner at Kolar for demolishing encroachments. Then transferred and appointed as Additional Commissioner (Enforcement) Commercial Taxes. He raided several business establishments and had attracted animosity among the class. His work was it against Corruption or against the system. Who is to answer this?

There have been days and hours of discussion in the legislative assembly on giving the case to CID or CBI. The CID is under the state government and the CBI is under the Central Government, both the governments are ruled by different parties at present in India. The resistance and inclination to give the case to the CID or CBI from these parties; clearly shows their interests and that the investigating bodies are not independent in its nature and working, it clearly means that. The investigations and enquiries done in the past by so many agencies and enquiry commissions have still been pending without having to take any action on the particular issues or on the persons involved.  This the public knows. But still as usual they are being fooled.

Does it mean that there are no honest, promising and daring officers at all? If there are, are they working under pressure or are they working in disguise. Who and What is to be blamed is a Great Question.


Death Ok!

Everyone has to die, Ok!

Suicide or Murder, Ok!

To say Ok is not Ok!

The whole society is mourning, Ok!

The wave of sympathy flowing, Ok!


Is being Honest and Daring not Ok?

Are the other officers in the system not Ok?

If they were Ok!

Had they to face the same, Ok!

Is it why they are in the system, that’s why it is Ok!

Law and Order is Ok!

CID  Inquiry, Ok!

CBI  Inquiry, Ok!

What will be the result of the enquiry? That should be Ok!

What action will be taken? That should be Ok!

People, Politicians and Public are rebelling, Ok!

The system is being continued since ages, Ok!

Why was it allowed to grow, is this Ok?

The Policies, The System, The Taxation, is it all Ok?

Everybody is Hand in Hand, is it Ok?

Ok!! __ Ok???

The pitiable Parents and Relatives of the officer are being brought to sit in front of the Vidhan Soudha to plead for an enquiry; just the next day itself after the funeral. They have to yet finish the last rites of their lost beloved. What an emotional setback and misfortunes of the family of the bereaved.

Normally we speak, and use the Ok Ok alphabets to confirm and affirm our dialogue. Sometimes some are used to express the Ok! Ok!; at intervals of  every two or three sentences. The OK is also used in many languages today for acceptance, approve etc;. But I am using them in another context, Ok!

I give here below the headlines that hit the print media.

“IAS officer found dead at Bengaluru Home.”

“Ravi laid to rest with state honours at native village”

“People came in droves to pay last respects”.

“Parents demand CBI probe into Ravi death”

“Opposition parties insist on CBI probe, stall both houses”

“IAS officers divided over demanding CBI probe into Ravi’s death”

“Ravi’s IAS colleagues join the chorus for CBI inquiry”

“Before start of probe ,CID boss shifted”

“CID probe is as good ,CM tells Parents”

“Clamour for CBI probe grows loud, within and outside Vidhan Soudha”

“Activists, Opposition See foul Play, Want CBI Probe”

“Anger over IAS officer’s death rises, govt orders CID inquiry”

“Death was by suffocation, says autopsy”

“A serious issue, we will watch: Centre”


Shiva Malekopmath

You have come all the way , May be crossing Seven Oceans , Mountains and Forests, would you not want to say something instead of going Bare Handed.........

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